Avoid chargebacks and fraud with Canary’s digital credit card authorizations

Canary's Digital Authorizations is a PCI Level-1 compliant authorization solution.

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Canary’s Digital Contract solution helps you get more contracts signed quicker.

"Canary is a life saver. With $1.2M in catering business, it's a big risk. Canary is the only solution."

- Director of Sales, Hyatt Regency

Paper-based contracts are...

Paper Contracts - Canary Technologies


Storing paper contracts on site makes it hard to control access and leaves you open to security breaches.

Paper forms - Canary Technologies


Your team wastes time waiting for contracts and following up with guests, resulting in lost revenue.

Faxes by Canary Technologies

Painful for Guests

Guests face two bad choices: print out forms, sign them, and send them back, or find their own e-signing solution. Unhappy guests don’t become repeat customers.

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Here's how it works

Create contract with Canary Technologies

Create a new contract in Canary. Stored templates make generating similar contracts a breeze.

Sent contact link with Canary Technologies

Your guest receives a unique link to their personalized contract.

Get contracts with Canary Technologies

Your guest fills in and signs the contract online in just a few clicks.