Increase productivity and manage PCI compliance

Simple and straightforward solutions for getting rid of paper processes and reducing chargebacks on property.

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Simple & powerful solutions that get the job done

Canary Technologies provides solutions that immediately make a difference on property.

Get Rid of Paper Credit Card Authorization Forms

Canary’s digital authorizations will ensure you never have to shuffle through the binder full of authorizations or worry about securing guest information. Digital Authorizations drive efficiencies, manages pci compliance, and creates a superior guest experience.

Digital contract signing designed for hoteliers

Delight your sales team and your guests by transforming contract signing into an all-digital experience. We’ve optimized our e-signing interface to make it the most intuitive solution in the industry. Sales teams close contracts 4x faster and are able to collect deposits/payments immediately given seamless integration with Canary’s Digital Authorizations solution.

Hoteliers love Canary

Here's what some of our partners say about us →

Denise Nizza
Controller @ Ace Hotels
Canary’s solution got rid of a lot of paperwork in our hotel. The digital authorizations tool is so user friendly and simple to use, in-fact most of our staff didn’t even need to go through a training to be able to use it. I was excited to start using the solution, as I wanted to make sure we got rid of the paper forms due to the PCI compliance concerns, and my staff has found it really helpful. Given how cost effective it is and the savings from preventing potential fraud, it was a no brainer.
Justin Grimes
Director of Operations @ Kennebunkport Resort Collection
I brought on Canary at all of our properties because it increased productivity and removed all the headaches of collecting credit card authorization forms. It is a must have tool that should be required at every property.

An enterprise grade software solution that is simple to use

Simple and Intuitive

Hotel staff members consistently praise Canary for its simple design and ease of use, while providing all the features and integrations they need.

Fully Customizable

All of Canary's products are fully branded for your property or management company so that there's no middleman between you and your guests.

Works on All Devices

Your guests will be able to fill out authorizations and sign contracts from any device.

Reduced Costs, Increased Revenues

The reduction in chargebacks and PCI liability will save you thousands of dollars each month.

Increase Staff Productivity

Your staff currently wastes 12-20 hours each week collectively chasing down credit card authorizations and sales contracts. Canary drives productivity for your team so they can concentrate on what really matters.

Seamless to Setup

Canary’s training team will get your hotel up and running in less than 30 minutes. There's no hardware to install or software to download.