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Introducing the Wyndham Guest Engagement System Powered by Canary Technologies

The wait for modern guest management software is over. All Wyndham Hotels & Resorts properties get the Wyndham Guest Engagement Platform (GEP) powered by Canary at no cost. Wyndham properties can also add on Digital Tipping to boost staff compensation, and Digital Authorizations to replace insecure paper credit card authorization forms.

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Wyndham GEP by Canary: What You Need To Know

What is the Wyndham Guest Engagement Platform by Canary?

Unveiled at the Wyndham Global Conference in 2023, Wyndham GEP by Canary is a software platform that increases revenue, streamlines staff operations and reduces fraud for Wyndham franchises. It includes four of Canary Technologies’ powerful guest-facing tools for free for all Wyndham properties, with two optional add-ons.

Contactless Check-In

Mobile Check-In

Let guests check-in seamlessly from their phones rather than waiting in lines at  front desks. Collect and validate guest information, payment information, identification, and loyalty information.

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Smart Checkout

Free up your front desk. Let guests checkout from their phones and skip the lines. Collect departure times, guest reviews, and push guests to 3rd-party review sites.

Contactless Checkout
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Dynamic Upsells

Dynamic upsells

Boost ancillary revenue by up to 200% by offering guests relevant room upgrades and add-ons, including early check-in and late checkout.

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Guest Messaging with AI

Communicate with guests at scale through SMS or WhatsApp. Answer frequently asked questions with Wyndham Hospitality AI.

Guest Messaging
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Digital Tipping

optional canary Digital Tipping

Provide guests with the convenience to leave digital tips for staff, which helps your employees earn up to $3 more per hour, increasing staff retention and morale.

Why should Wyndham hotels use Canary Digital Tipping?
•  Increase tips by 5x to attract and retain staff
•  Integrates seamlessly with Wyndham GEP
•  Engage guests at multiple touchpoints
•  Tip by department or individual
•  Flexibility in cashout method

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optional canary Digital Authorizations

Replace insecure paper and PDF credit card authorizations forms with a digital PCI-compliant solution to reduce chargebacks and fraud.

Why should Wyndham use Canary Digital Authorizations?

•  Decrease fraud & chargebacks by 90%
•  Ensure guest data security
•  Save 3-4 front desk hours per week
•  Offer a customizable interface for every property

Digital Authorizations

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Wyndham GEP by Canary: FAQs

A few helpful answers to the most common questions about Canary Technologies and Wyndham GEP.

Is Wyndham GEP by Canary really free?

When can I implement Wyndham GEP by Canary?

How can I add on Digital Tipping and/or Digital Authorizations to my Wyndham GES?

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Case Study

How the Days Inn by Wyndham Saskatoon Went From $5k in Chargebacks a Year to $0 With Canary

How It Works

Hotel staff generate & send the guest a link to a digital authorization form
The guest clicks the link and fills in information on a secure page
Hotel staff log into the Canary dashboard to view authorizations
Credit card data is stored securely & is easily retrievable in case of disputes

Canary’s Proprietary Fraud Detection

Amount Verification

ID Verification

IP Flagging

Fraud Algorithm

Canary Amenity Upsells

Easily Boost Revenue With Upsells and Add-ons

Canary Amenity Upsells visual

Multiple Touchpoints

Guests can choose various upgrades and add-ons both pre-stay and during stay, like early check-in, late checkout, F&B, etc.

Reduce Operational Lift

Canary’s platform allows hotels to configure and manage all upsells offered, making it simple to track and fulfill requests.

Increase Revenue per Guest

Capitalize on the highest engagement periods and on commonly missed opportunities for upsells. Guests typically spend $50-100 on add-ons through Canary!

Intuitive App-like Experience

Offer a completely branded mobile experience for your guests to easily purchase upsells, without any app downloads required.

Fully Branded and Customizable

Push upsells thru SMS and email, based upon various points of the guest journey, and have full control over amenities offered for free or for a fee.

Points of Revenue Opportunities

Pre-Arrival icon
Guests can choose upgrades and add-ons before they arrive on property
Check-In icon
Hotels can push upsells, like room upgrades or champagne during the mobile check-in guest experience
In-Stay icon
Throughout their stay, guests can request amenities to enhance their experience
Checkout icon
During their mobile checkout, guests can request a later checkout time to maximize their stay