Avoid chargebacks and fraud with Canary’s digital credit card authorizations

Canary's Digital Authorizations is a PCI Level-1 compliant authorization solution.

Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

The standard authorization process is…

Credit Card by Canary Technologies

In Violation of PCI Guidelines

PCI guidelines restrict the transferring of credit card information via unsecure methods.

Compliance by Canary Technologies

Prone to Chargebacks

When collecting credit card information on paper forms, it is impossible to verify the validity of a credit card and know that it is not fraudulent. Hotels chargeback problem is a largely due to its paper-based process.

Paper forms by Canary Technologies

Unpleasant for Guests

Forms must be printed, filled out by hand, and faxed back. This process is tedious even once - and oftentimes fields are missing or illegible, requiring the guest to complete the form a second time.

Canary makes authorizations easy

Here is how it works :
Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

Send each guest a unique link that lets them enter their credit card information through a secure online form.

Dashboard by Canary Technologies

Your team gets an email notification when an authorization request is complete.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Canary’s web dashboard shows details of each authorization, making it a breeze to track authorizations over time.

“Given how cost effective it is and the savings from preventing potential fraud, Canary Technologies was a no brainer.”


Ace Hotel, New York
“The Canary solution is simple and powerful. It provides exactly what we needed at our hotels, without being an overkill. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the folks at Canary took care of setup and training, which made implementation a breeze.”

VP of IT & Cyber Security

Classic Hotels & Resorts

Avoid chargebacks and fraud by up to 90%

Canary’s digital authorizations are vastly more secure than paper forms, preventing chargebacks and fraud. Canary customers see their chargebacks decrease by up to 90%.

Make your guests happy

With Canary, guests enter their credit card information online via a unique link that’s generated just for them.  It’s intuitive and easy to use.

Ready to use in 20 minutes or less

Setting up Canary and training your staff to use it takes 20 minutes at most. With real-time notifications and a detailed web dashboard, managing authorizations has never been faster.

Keep your guests’ credit card information secure

Most hotels don’t even realize that their paper forms violate PCI requirements, which are mandated by the credit card companies to keep customer information secure.  Non-compliance penalties start at $5,000 and can be as high as $500,000. Canary’s secure digital solution handles PCI compliance for you, so you never have to worry about it again.

Learn how Canary can digitalize your credit card authorization process