Why Choice Chose Canary To Reduce Fraud & Boost Revenue

As a Qualified Vendor for Digital Authorizations and Upsells, Canary is a brand standard for Choice Hotels properties. Canary’s Upsells and PCI Compliant Digital Authorizations solutions help hoteliers increase revenue by $1000’s per month and reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%.

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Canary Digital Authorizations

Why Choice Hotels Endorses Canary Over Paper Forms To Reduce Fraud

Paper authorizations

Violate PCI guidelines
Result in fraud & chargebacks
Frustrate guests
Consume staff time

Canary Digital Authorizations

Decrease fraud & chargebacks by 90%
Ensure guest data security
Improve the guest experience & are user-friendly
Save 3-4 front desk hours per week
Offer a customizable interface for every property

Canary is great. My staff loves using the Digital Authorizations solution and our guests really appreciate the security it provides. I recommend the solution to every hotel I know.

General Manager
Cambria Dallas

We use the Digital Authorizations tool and it's perfect... the built-in fraud detection has saved us so many times.

General Manager

Since we started using Digital Authorizations, we’ve experienced a lot less chargebacks and fraud...

General Manager
Clarion Hotel & Suites Winnipeg

Case Study

See How the Clarion Hotel & Suites Winnipeg
Reduced Fraud & Chargebacks With Canary

How It Works

Hotel staff generate & send the guest a link to a digital authorization form
The guest clicks the link and fills in information on a secure page
Hotel staff log into the Canary dashboard to view authorizations
Credit card data is stored securely & is easily retrievable in case of disputes

Canary’s Proprietary Fraud Detection

Amount Verification

ID Verification

IP Flagging

Fraud Algorithm

Canary Dynamic Upsells

Easily Boost Revenue With Upsells and Add-ons

Multiple Touchpoints

Guests can choose various upgrades and add-ons both pre-stay and during stay, like early check-in, late checkout, F&B, etc.

Reduce Operational Lift

Canary’s platform allows hotels to configure and manage all upsells offered, making it simple to track and fulfill requests.

Increase Revenue per Guest

Capitalize on the highest engagement periods and on commonly missed opportunities for upsells. Guests typically spend $50-100 on add-ons through Canary!

Intuitive App-like Experience

Offer a completely branded mobile experience for your guests to easily purchase upsells, without any app downloads required.

Fully Branded and Customizable

Push upsells thru SMS and email, based upon various points of the guest journey, and have full control over amenities offered for free or for a fee.

Points of Revenue Opportunities

Guests can choose upgrades and add-ons before they arrive on property
Hotels can push upsells, like room upgrades or champagne during the mobile check-in guest experience
Throughout their stay, guests can request amenities to enhance their experience
During their mobile checkout, guests can request a later checkout time to maximize their stay

Learn How Canary Can Help Your Properties Thrive

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