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Cash is no longer king

Over 70% of guests want to tip hotel staff, but few have cash on hand. Help your staff get more tips with Digital Tipping. Boost morale and let guests show appreciation for your staff’s hard work with Canary’s #1 Digital Tipping solution.
The surge in cashless travel has put a damper on staff tips and therefore total take home pay. Turn on digital tipping to drive more tips to staff.
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Reduct Front Desk Lines
Boost Guest Sat Scores
The hotel industry is chronically understaffed. Turnover costs hotels thousands per employee. Attract and retain staff by adding Digital Tipping as a workplace benefit.
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Receiving a tip creates a spark of enthusiasm. Boost morale while fostering an environment where hotel workers are driven to go above and beyond. Improve service scores by 7 to 10 percent, improving overall guest experience.
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Contactless Check-In
Contactless Check-In
Canary Digital Tipping is app-less and user-friendly for guests and staff. Easily set up QR codes for tipping by individual, department or both. Hotels can customize tipping flow, protocols and more on a single platform.
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Learn how Canary Digital Tipping can drive 5x more tips and improve staff retention today

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Canary helps your staff earn more money

Here’s how it works:
tipping flows visual
tipping flows
Set up digital tipping specifically for your hotel and staff needs. Through a single easy-to-use platform, quickly create the digital tipping flows that work best for your hotel.
Engage guests at multiple touchpoints visual
Engage guests at multiple touchpoints
Encourage digital tipping throughout the guest journey via text message, email, and/or QR codes placed around the property to increase tipping frequency.
Tip by Department 
or Individual visual
Tip by Department 
or Individual
Receive digital tips from guests by department or individual. Multiple individuals can also receive digital tips at once through a guest’s mobile device.
Distribute tips with payroll integration & automate tax forms visual
Distribute tips with payroll integration & access IRS compliant reporting
Simple automations make it easy for hoteliers to distribute tips to staff. Canary also provides IRS tip income-compliant reporting.

What Our Customers Have To Say

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“The biggest benefit we’ve seen from deploying Canary digital tipping is the result in our service scores. They’ve gone up a whopping 7% in the first month we instituted Canary tipping."
Jason Reiplinger
Ben Seidel
President & CEO
REAL Hospitality Group
Woodside Hotel Group
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"Our employees definitely appreciate [digital tipping]. They know that most people aren’t carrying cash, and, if they receive a $5, $10 or $20 digital tip, they probably wouldn’t have received it at all otherwise."
Jason Reiplinger
Carlos Gonzzatti
Hotel Manager
INNESS Luxury Resort
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"After Canary, we saw a big jump in tipping from guests. We’re talking about an 80% to 90% jump."
Jason Reiplinger
Lori-Ann Diaz
Assistant Housekeeping Manager
Cape Codder Resort & Spa

Get Started with Digital Tipping Solutions

Digital Tipping is easy to set up with customization for your hotel. It’s even easier for your guests and staff to use right from their phones.
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Ready to go in no time

Setup with Digital Tipping is very simple. The intuitive interface allows staff to use it with little to no training and no new apps or hardware are required.
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Standalone or integrated solutions

Canary Digital Tipping can be implemented as a standalone solution or an integrated tool within Canary Technologies’ Guest Management System.

The State of Tipping in Hotels

A first-of-its-kind report on the current tipping practices of hotel guests and the corresponding impact on frontline hotel workers and management teams.

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Digital Tipping is part of our full suite of hospitality solutions:

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Seamless check-in your guests without exchanging credit cards, IDs, or registration forms.
Digital Authorizations
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Replace paper credit card authorization forms and reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%
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Intelligently offer upsells to your guests throughout their journey.
Digital Contracts
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Boost your staff’s efficiency with digital contract signing.
Canary AI
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Boost your team's efficiency with streamlined guest communication, personalized interactions and prioritized requests.
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Ditch paper to collect and retrieve registration cards in seconds.

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