Increase tips by 5X to attract & retain more staff

Canary Digital Tipping  increases staff compensation, without hurting a hotel's bottom line. Canary's robust, highly customizable solution is app-less and makes it easy for guests to leave cashless tips and staff to get paid.

Today's guest communication is...

Credit Card by Canary Technologies


Your staff is only able to speak with one guest at a time over the phone or in person and is constantly answering the same questions or handling the same requests

Compliance by Canary Technologies

A Poor Guest Experience

Guests often have to wait in line or on be on hold even when they need to ask a quick question that can be handled by an automated message

Paper forms by Canary Technologies

A Missed Opportunity

Hoteliers are missing out on a significant opportunity to hear from their guests and up-sell ancillary items due to a lack of real time communication with their guests

Canary helps your staff earn more money

Here’s how it works:
Digital Authorizations by Canary Technologies

Design the ideal hotel digital tipping flows. Through a single easy-to-use platform, quickly create the digital tipping flows that work best for your hotel.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Engage guests at multiple touchpoints. Encourage digital tipping throughout the guest journey via text message, email, and/or QR codes placed around the property to increase tipping frequency.

Dashboard by Canary Technologies

Receive digital tips from guests by department or individual. Multiple individuals can also receive digital tips at once through a guest’s mobile device.

Credit card dashboard by Canary Technologies

Distribute payment with payroll integrations. Simple automations make it easy for hoteliers to distribute tips to staff.

Dashboard by Canary Technologies

Automate tax forms. Canary handles all of the administrative work for cashless, digital tips.

"We cannot live without messaging during busy times because our staff is too thin. A front desk person can answer 10 guests on messages, but they cannot answer 10 phone calls at once."

General Manager
at Luxury Property

"We had another message solution before we switched to Canary. We switched providers since Canary could easily integrate with our PMS and has a number of really useful features."

Bailey O’Neil, Front Desk Manager
at Coeur d’Alene Resort

Simple to get started

Digital Tipping is a turnkey solution that enables you to boost staff compensation immediately.

Ready to go in no time

Setup with Digital Tipping is very simple. The intuitive interface allows staff to use it with little to no training and no new apps or hardware are required. 

Standalone or integrated solutions

Canary Digital Tipping can be implemented as a standalone solution or an integrated tool within Canary Technologies’ Guest Management System. 

Learn how Canary Digital Tipping can drive 5X more tips and improve staff retention today!

We are here to help our hotel partners

With our focus on hospitality, Canary recognizes the challenges we are facing as an industry. Moving forward, all hoteliers will need to adapt to the evolving needs of both staff and guests. We want to do everything we can to help our hotel partners in these challenging times.

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