Guest Management Solutions that Streamline Operations & Make Guests Happier

Canary provides mobile-friendly hotel operations management software to streamline every touchpoint of the guest journey. Remove tedious administrative work. Your front desk can finally focus on delivering a personalized guest customer experience.  Increase staff efficiency by 30-50%, respond to guests in half the time, and increase 5-star reviews by up to 350%.

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Guest Management Solutions
That Streamline Operations & Make Guests Happier

Canary provides mobile-friendly hotel operations management software to streamline every touchpoint of the guest journey. Remove tedious administrative work. Your front desk can finally focus on delivering a personalized guest customer experience.  Increase staff efficiency by 30-50%, respond to guests in half the time, and increase 5-star reviews by up to 350%.

Redefining the Hotel Tech Stack

Canary Technologies is recognized as the hospitality industry’s leading technology solutions provider for hotels, resorts and other lodging properties.

Best Guest ExperienceHotelier's Choice AwardBest Hotel Digital Tipping AwardBest contactless checking solution award 2023

Redefining the Hotel Tech Stack

Best Guest Messaging AwardBest Hotel Cyber Security and Fraud PreventionBest cyber security fraud prevention award 2023Most Innovative Companies 2023 award

Smoother Hotel Operations. Happier Guests.

Cutting-Edge Hotel Operations Software

Shorten Front Desk Lines

Say Goodbye to Lines at the Front Desk

Did you know a 5-min wait time results in a ~50% decrease in guest satisfaction? With Canary, you can make check-in and checkout a breeze. And Canary Guest Messaging can automatically respond to your guests’ most common questions - so that your team can focus on providing first-class hospitality.

turn over rooms faster

Turnover Rooms Faster

Knowledge is power. Canary Contactless Checkout alerts your housekeeping team whenever guests depart so you never have to guess which rooms are ready to be turned. This saves your staff time, your property money, and ensures you always have rooms ready to go for your next guests.

improve customer sat scores

Better Satisfaction Scores & Guest Reviews

As a guest departs, Canary sends a customizable guest feedback survey directly to their mobile device via text and email. Any guests who leave 5-star ratings are then prompted to share their outstanding experience on Tripadvisor and Google.

Increase Upsell Revenue

Increase Upsell Revenue by up to 200%

Intelligently offer room upgrades and other upsell offers at any point throughout the entire guest journey, so you can maximize the revenue you drive at your property. Canary provides you with the flexibility to build your own custom offers tailored to your property’s services and amenities. Upsells can also be integrated into various user flows such as Contactless Check-in and Checkout.

Easy set up & easy use

Easy To Set up & Even Easier To Use

Canary’s hotel management software solutions are designed from the ground up for hotel operations managers. Setup takes less than 30-minutes and Canary provides free training sessions (and unlimited re-trainings) to ensure your property is making the most of the platform. Both your guests and staff will love Canary’s beautiful interface and intuitive user experience.

Simplify Your Operations

Comprehensive Platform That Simplifies Your Operations

Say goodbye to multiple logins and jumping between systems! Canary consolidates 10 different guest-facing software systems in one, easy-to-use platform.

Check-in is so much smoother. We used to have lines that stretched from the front desk to the lobby door all the time. But since deploying Canary, we've eliminated lines at the front desk.

Bailey O’Neil // Front Desk Manager

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Guest Management Solutions That Make Life Easier
for Hotel Operations Professionals

Contactless Check-In

Contactless Check-in

Enable guests to conveniently check-in from their mobile device before they set foot on the property to save time at the front desk. Before guests arrive, Canary’s Contactless Check-In solution sends guests a check-in link via text and email. They click the link to go through your customized check-in flow, which can include room upgrade and upsell offers. When guests show up, they can pick up their pre-printed keycards and go straight to their rooms.

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Contactless Checkout

Contactless Checkout helps your housekeeping team operate more efficiently than ever before. Shortly before their scheduled departure time, Canary sends a link via email and text message that guests use to checkout. Once the checkout is completed, your staff is instantaneously informed that the guests have left the room and it is ready to be turned. 

This checkout flow also includes a customized feedback survey that prompts any guest who leaves 5-stars to share their experience on Tripadvisor and Google. Canary can help hotel management teams boost 5-star reviews by up to 350%!

Contactless Checkout
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Digital Tipping

Digital Tipping

One of the best ways to keep good employees on the job is to boost 
employee pay. 

Canary’s Digital Tipping solution helps hotel operations managers boost staff pay by up to $3/hour, while also making it easy for cashless guests to show gratitude.

•  Nearly 80% of hotel workers would be more likely to stay with their employer if tips were increased
• More than 70% of guests would have tipped more if Digital Tipping were an option

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Guest Messaging

Most hotel guests today prefer to text message with a front desk agent over speaking with someone on the phone. Canary’s Guest Messaging software makes it easy for your staff members to communicate with your guests at scale through direct, pre-scheduled and broadcast messaging. Allow Canary’s hotel technology to automatically respond to your most common questions (“What's the WiFi password?”, etc.), which saves time for your front desk team. Canary works with SMS, WhatsApp, and dozens of other existing applications. And you can even set up messaging from your hotel’s existing landline phone number.

Guest Messaging
No New Apps Required icon

No New Apps Required

Canary’s hotel management software is entirely web-based and does not require any new app downloads for your guests or staff. This makes it much easier for guests to adopt and drives up to 500% more engagement than competing native app solutions.

Fully PCI Compliant icon

Fully PCI Compliant

Canary’s Guest Management System is built on top of a PCI level 1 compliant infrastructure to make sure all guest data is secured and your property can defend against fraud and chargebacks.

24/7 Support icon

24/7 Support

Our team is determined to provide you with the same level of dedicated service that you deliver to your guests. Canary offers 24-hour support as well as a comprehensive self-help center to ensure you always have the answers and assistance you need. Canary’s support team can be reached by phone, email and chat.

Since implementing Canary, we have not received a single chargeback case and it’s been more than a year since we signed on with the platform.

– Diane Wolfe // General Manager at Days Inn by Wyndham Saskatoon

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Deep Integration With Your PMS
& Other Technology Systems

Canary CustomersCanary Customers

Canary integrates with all major property management systems and maintains flexible APIs that can be used to add Canary to your tech stack quickly and easily. And our team of in-house engineers launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure we provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.


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