Hotel Sales Software
To Close More Business — Securely

Canary’s award-winning sales software helps hoteliers close more business. Our Digital Authorizations & Digital Contracts solutions shorten sales cycles for meetings and events spaces. Canary integrates with leading CRMs and Sales & Catering software, including Amadeus Delphi, to close the loop between new sales and updates to account records.

Redefining the Hotel Tech Stack

Canary Technologies is recognized as the hospitality industry’s leading technology solutions for hotels, resorts and other lodging properties.

Canary Is Trusted by More Than 20,000 Hoteliers Worldwide

Canary’s sales software — designed specifically for hotels — is trusted by owners and operators in more than 75 countries and is brand standard for groups such as Four Seasons, Wyndham, Best Western, Choice Hotels and more. From the largest brands to boutique properties, our customers everywhere love Canary.

What Makes Canary the Best Hotel Sales Software?

shorter sales cycles for hotels

Shorter Sales Cycles

Never again waste time waiting for contracts and payment information from clients to book event spaces and room blocks. Canary replaces the need to email or fax paperwork back and forth with secure online solutions, reducing sales cycles from days to hours.

simple hotel software admin

Simplify Admin Work

Canary integrates with the most popular sales and catering software solutions, including Amadeus Delphi, and common payment providers. Save your team even more time by eliminating the need to copy information between systems.

easy for hotel staff and guests

Ultra-Easy for Both Staff & Clients

Canary’s software solutions are designed by hospitality industry veterans to simplify sales operations and increase revenue. Canary offers turnkey deployment and free training sessions that can have you up and running in less than 30 minutes — it’s that easy!

hotel technology integrations

Integrates With Existing Tech Stack

Canary integrates with all major PMS, CRM, and payment providers to ensure that your team can easily utilize our modern solutions with your existing sales and catering tech stack. Canary’s in-house team of developers is dedicated to ensuring you always have the flexible tools you need to maximize profits.

simplify hotel sales operations

A Comprehensive Platform That Simplifies Your Operations

Canary’s award-winning Guest Management System makes running your hotel easier by combining all of your guest-facing solutions under one roof. Canary’s platform includes Contactless Check-In, Checkout, Guest Messaging, Dynamic Upsells and Digital Tipping and more.

eliminate paper waste in hotels

Eliminates Paper Waste in the Hotel Industry

Less physical paperwork means less waste. Canary eliminates the need for all paper records related to contracts and credit card authorization forms. Better for the environment and better for your hotel’s guests.

The Top Products & Features
For Hotel Sales Teams

Contactless Check-In

Digital Contracts

Sign more business with Canary’s Digital Contracts. Your sales team can send new contracts to clients and guests in just 2 clicks. Clients can then easily sign digitally and send documents back. Organize and track sales and events contracts and documents within Canary’s platform or your favorite CRM.

Digital Authorizations

Canary replaces out-of-date paper forms with a modern, secure online solution to collect authorizations and payments. Replace paper and PDF credit card authorization forms — which are no longer compliant — with Canary’s PCI-compliant Digital Authorizations solution. Reducing friction in the process decreases the length of sales cycles, increases your win rate, and drives more revenue for your hotel.

Contactless Checkout
Digital Tipping

Advanced Fraud prOtectioN

Canary’s Digital Authorizations solution includes Canary’s proprietary fraud algorithm, which helps reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%.

Payment Processing

Once Canary collects payment from the guest and it’s time to process the payment, you can either use your existing payment processor or Canary can process the payments for you. Canary integrates with all major payment providers and can also securely tokenize payment information to push it back into your CRM or PMS, if desired.

Guest Messaging

Fully PCI Compliant

Canary’s front desk software is built directly on top of our PCI level 1 compliant infrastructure. This payment infrastructure coupled with our proprietary fraud detection software reduces chargebacks and fraud by up to 90%.

24/7 Support

Our team is determined to provide you with the same level of dedicated service that you deliver to your guests. Canary offers 24-hour support as well as a comprehensive self-help center to ensure you always have the answers and assistance you need. Canary’s support team can be reached by phone, email and chat.

Deep Integration With Your PMS & Other Technology Systems

Canary Customers

Canary has native integrations with leading CRMs and sales and catering software, including Amadeus Delphi. Additionally, our in-house development team launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure seamless compatibility with your other tools.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.

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