Award-Winning Guest Management Software for Vacation Rentals

Canary’s comprehensive Guest Management System enables property managers to streamline administrative tasks, reduce overhead costs and improve the guest experience. Trusted by more than 20,000 hospitality and lodging professionals across the globe.

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Property Managers Everywhere Love Canary’s Guest Management Solutions

Canary’s award-winning Guest Management System is trusted by thousands of vacation and short-term rental professionals around the world to improve the guest experience and boost staff efficiency.

Canary helped us in so many ways. I highly recommend the platform to anyone working in the short-term rental space. The products are fantastic and the results are even better.

– Sam Chesick // Assistant Director of Operations

Better Guest Experiences & Hours of Saved Staff Time

increase in 4 & 5 star reviews
more upsell revenue
increase in front desk efficiency
reduction in fraud and chargebacks
Happier Guests

Canary’s Guest Management System helps property managers at vacation rental companies create experiences with less administrative overhead and more enjoyment. Canary streamlines processes like check-in and checkout and allows you to create user flows that improve guest satisfaction at your properties.

Increased Staff Efficiency

By streamlining administrative tasks and guest communication, Canary frees up your team to accomplish more throughout the day and lowers the overall costs of managing your properties. Our Guest Management System has been shown to increase staff efficiency by as much as 35-50%.

More 5-Star Reviews

Just before guests are set to leave their rental, Canary sends a checkout link via text and email that can include a guest satisfaction survey.  Any guest that leaves a 5-star rating is then invited to share their experience on sites like Tripadvisor and Google. A 1-star increase in review ratings can boost a property’s bookings and overall revenue between 5-9%!

Turnkey & Flexible Deployment

Canary’s entire Guest Management System can be set up for your rental company in less than 30 minutes and is highly customizable. We will work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure everything is configured to meet the needs of your properties and exceed the expectations of your guests.

Dedicated Support Whenever You Need It

At Canary, we are committed to delivering the same exceptional service that you offer to your guests. Our customer success and support team is available 24/7, via phone and email. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive, regularly updated self-help portal so you can always find the answers you need immediately.

Support the Full Guest Journey with Canary’s Suite of Solutions

Hotel Guest Experience Software

Get contracts signed effortlessly & increase bookings

Replace paper and PDF contracts  with a streamlined online solution to get them signed quicker

Reduce fraud & chargebacks

Canary’s PCI Level-1 and GDPR compliant authorization solution helps hoteliers avoid chargebacks and fraud

Save time at the front desk & increase guest satisfaction

Guests can seamlessly check-in online, upload their ID, and complete the registration forms, all from one unique link

Increase revenue with the leading upselling tool for hotels

Guests can easily browse and purchase add-ons from multiple stages in the guest journey

Communicate with hotel guests at scale

Communicate with guests in their preferred channel with direct, AI, and broadcasted messages

Attract & retain more staff

Drive 5X more staff tips to increase compensation and improve retention without hurting your bottom line

Boost reviews & save housekeeping time

Contactless Checkout guides only the happiest guests to leave a review on TripAdviser and Google and increases 4- and 5-star reviews by up to 350%

Deep Integration With Your PMS & Other Technology Systems

Canary Customers

Our development and engineering team maintains all APIs in-house and launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure you always have what you need.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.

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