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HOTEL upselling software

Increase revenue with the leading upselling tool for hotels

Canary Upsells intelligently offers add-ons and amenities to guests from the time of booking through checkout. Automate your upselling with Canary and increase upsells by up to 250%.

Serve up the perfect add-on at the right time

Elevate your revenue game with Canary's all-in-one guest experience platform. Whether it's room upgrades, early check-ins or F&B, Canary makes it easy for guests to purchase upsells anytime from their own mobile device. No app downloads needed!
Strategically upsell at key guest touchpoints, like post-booking, pre-check-in, in-stay and checkout. Canary helps you automatically offer the right upsell at the right time, maximizing your revenue and guest satisfaction. 
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Reduct Front Desk Lines
Boost Guest Sat Scores
Skip the upselling scripts and get back to what really matters—providing exceptional service to your guests. Canary automates the upselling process, freeing up staff to deliver memorable and personalized guest experiences. Activate AI Guest Messaging to contextually offer add-ons during conversations. 
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Increase sales and improve guest experience with bestsellers, including room upgrades, early check-in, late checkout, F&B items, parking, pet fees and more. Canary provides a range of customizable upsell items for flexible selling.
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Contactless Check-In
Contactless Check-In
You pocket 100% of the upsell revenue you drive—Canary never takes a cut. Plus, with our simple setup process and easy integration with popular PMS systems, you can start upselling and earning in no time.
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Reap the Rewards & Revenue

Canary Upsells increases ancillary revenue by up to 250% and empowers guests to curate their own experience, increasing overall satisfaction.
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Canary helps your hotel make more money

Here’s how it works:
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Customize Upsells Purchase Options
Quickly and easily choose the items, packages and services you want to offer to guests. Customize prices, blackout dates and more. Canary also offers a pre-built library of popular items and prices for super simple implementation.
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Offer Upsells Options to Guests
Canary Upsells automatically presents upsells to your guests to select at any point before or during their stay. Offers are pushed via text message (SMS & WhatsApp) and email to increase conversion.
Approve & Deny Upsells With Ease
Approve & Deny Upsells With Ease
Once a guest requests an upsell option, staff have the ability to quickly approve or deny the request based on item or service availability. Canary automatically informs the guest about the status of their purchase.

The Hotelier’s Guide to Modern Upselling

It’s time to unlock the potential of upselling. Elevate your revenue game with data-backed strategies to boost upsells at your hotel.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

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Upsells is incredible. We have more than $1,000 in room service Upsells this week alone. It's all extra revenue that we wouldn't have gotten without Canary.”
Jason Reiplinger
Bailey O’Neil
Front Desk Manager
Coeur D'Alene ResorT
Woodside Hotel Group
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Upselling was a huge bonus. We hit thousands of dollars in Upsells last month. We only have 7 rooms so that was enormous for us. Early check-in and late checkout wasn't something that we used to charge for. It turns out guests are happy to pay $25 for the service.”
Jason Reiplinger
Sean Rowland
Nomads hotel
Woodside Hotel Group
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Our biggest frustration was continuously trying to get our receptionists to upsell. With Canary, we went from a couple hundred pounds a month to 2,000 pounds per month - maybe a bit more. The extra revenue has been the biggest impact.”
Jason Reiplinger
Matthew Milliken
Managing Director
The Mandolay Hotel
Woodside Hotel Group

Get Started with Upsells

It only takes 10 minutes to set up Canary Upsells and start driving additional revenue the same day. Deeper integrations with your PMS and payment systems ensure a seamless experience for both your hotel staff and guests.
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A Clear ROI

Canary customers experience a whopping 10x ROI with the leading Upsells tool.
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Tailor-made for hotels

We know how hard it is to run a hotel and we make sure that offering upsells does not complicate your operations.

Upsells is part of our full suite of hospitality solutions:

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Ditch paper to collect and retrieve registration cards in seconds.
Canary ai
Boost your team's efficiency with streamlined guest communication, personalized interactions and prioritized requests.
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Seamlessly check-in your guests without exchanging credit cards, IDs, or registration forms.
Guest Messages
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Easily communicate with hotel guests at scale.
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Save housekeeping time and drive new revenue.
Digital Authorizations
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Replace paper credit card authorization forms and reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%

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