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The Most Common Types of Fraud in the Hotel Industry & How To Prevent Them

Failing to protect your hotel or business from fraud can lead to disastrous consequences, including losing loyal guests and revenue. In this blog posts, Canary's industry experts explain the most common types of fraud in the hotel industry — and how to avoid falling victim to them.

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15 Upselling Techniques for Hotels To Make More Money

Upselling should be an integral part of your hotel’s revenue management efforts. However, there is a big difference between simply understanding the need for upselling and putting the right upselling techniques into practice for your hotel and guests. In this blog post, Canary's experts walk through everything you need to know about upselling in hotels.

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How To Increase Hotel Bookings in 9 Easy Steps

Every hotelier wants to increase revenue, but it can be difficult to know where, or how, to get started. In this post, Canary's team provides 9 easy steps every hotelier can take to boost both bookings and revenue.

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Everything You Need to Know About Revenue Management in Hotels

Hotel revenue management refers to a property’s pricing strategies to sell perishable inventory. It is based on the behavioral economic concept of “willingness to pay”, which is the maximum price a consumer is willing to pay for something. Improving your hotel revenue management through the use of the right tools will help your hotel stay competitive and improve performance continually. 

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17 Hotel Improvement Ideas Every Hotelier Should Consider

Coming up with hotel improvement ideas is an important part of maintaining and increasing your hotel’s success. However, when you’re short on time, coming up with ideas isn’t always easy. And that's why Canary's team of industry experts has put together this list of helpful hotel improvement ideas for you to consider.

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15 Important Hotel Metrics & How to Improve Them

Hotel metrics, benchmarking, and KPIs are essential for the success of a hotel. After all, guesswork can only get you so far in a highly competitive environment. By tracking and evaluating these hotel metrics, you will understand things like how your hotel is performing, how your rates compare to your comp set, and how operating expenses impact revenue. Together, these data points help hoteliers make informed business decisions regarding their properties.

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The 9 Best Guest Activities to Offer at Any Hotel

Offering a variety of activities at your hotel is a great way to make sure that your guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay. From providing board games and cards to renting out bikes, there are plenty of options to choose from to make your hotel stand out from the rest.

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Everything You Need to Know About What Is Most Important to Hotel Guests

In this blog post, Canary's team examines exactly what is most important to hotel guests today and how hoteliers can meet these expectations head-on. 

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Customer Service in the Hotel Industry: 9 Ways To Improve

Your hotel might have a fancy pool, a well-stocked bar, or an out-of-this-world spa, but you won’t get far without great customer service in the hotel industry. Here are nine ways to improve it at your property.

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18 Ideas To Improve Hotel Guest Experience: From Research to Post-stay

These guest experience ideas — collected from Canary's team of hospitality industry veterans — are guaranteed to enhance any hotel stay.

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What Canary Customers Can Expect After Our $30M Series B Funding Round

Over the past few years, Canary has been at the forefront of guest-facing technology solutions for hotels. Through it all, our mission at Canary has remained to help hoteliers deliver the best guest experience possible and stay competitive in the evolving lodging landscape. ‍To supercharge this mission, we recently raised $30 million in Series B funding.

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How Hotels Can Prevent & Reduce Fraud

Though there is no indication that scammers looking to commit fraud will stop targeting the hotel industry anytime soon, that doesn’t mean hoteliers are defenseless. Combined with commonsense best practices, the right technology tools can help hoteliers reduce fraud by up to 90%

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