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12 Causes of High Hotel Turnover Rates and What To Do About It

What can hotels do to decrease turnover rates and create a happier workforce? Here are 12 common problems and how to fix them:

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11 Hotel Strategies to Attract Customers

Use the following eleven hotel strategies to attract more customers and strengthen your business in the long run.

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How To Increase Food & Beverage Revenue in a Hotel

F&B service is an essential aspect of hotel operations. In this post, Canary's hotel industry veterans examine how to increase food and beverage revenue in a hotel.

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Best Practices for Guest Service in the Hotel Industry

Great guest service is the cornerstone of a successful hotel business. Whether you’re facing guests, event planners, event attendees, or business travelers, the quality of your guest service could mean happier customers, better reviews, and more revenue.

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Canary’s #1-Rated Digital Contracts & Payments Solutions Now Integrated With Amadeus Delphi

This spring, Amadeus Delphi customers can access the new Canary integration directly inside of the Delphi interface. With just one-click within Delphi, hoteliers can create and send contracts for e-signature and payment links for collecting deposits or installments. All documents and payment information are saved securely within relevant account records in Delphi.

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A Complete Guide to Cybersecurity in the Hospitality Industry

As technology becomes more advanced so does cybercrime. And that means cybersecurity in the hospitality industry has never been so critical. 

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12 Creative Sales Ideas for Hotels

Whether you want to increase your occupancy, your top line or your average spend per guest, you’ll find some pointers in this list of creative sales ideas for hotels.

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Everything Hotels Need to Know About PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is extremely important for all hotels. Not only does it help prevent fraud and data breaches at your property, but it also helps you recover quicker, avoid PCI non-compliance penalties, and give your guests peace of mind.

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Why Digital Check-In Is So Important to Hotels & Their Guests

As consumer demand shifts, technological investment is needed in order to stay ahead of your competitors and meet consumer demands. Guests want convenience, care, and personalization. Digital check-in technology can help you provide all three.

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11 Hotel Upselling Scripts for Your Front Desk

Train your front desk agents using these eleven hotel upselling scripts that help drive more sales and make guests happier.

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How To Upsell Hotel Rooms: A Complete Guide

In this blog post from Canary's hospitality veterans, we take a deep look at how to upsell hotel rooms and the benefits it brings to your property.

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Special Podcast Appearance: Where Security Lies Embedded in the Guest Journey

Canary VP of Sales Dhiraj “DJ” Singh, was recently in Vienna for IHTF 2023 and sat down with Ryan Haynes for the Travel Market Life Podcast to discuss how Canary is helping advance cybersecurity & fraud prevention in the hotel industry.

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