AI in Hospitality

Supercharge your team with Canary AI

Canary AI is the most powerful AI platform that is custom-built for the hospitality industry. Streamline guest communication, personalize interactions and prioritize requests. Simple to set-up. Even easier to use.

Instantly respond to your guests with AI Guest Messaging

Canary AI Guest Messaging is designed to meet the hospitality industry's unique needs. From local attraction recommendations to hotel amenity inquiries, your Canary AI hospitality assistant provides stellar guest service, all without disrupting your hotel staff.
Let the AI do the talking. Serve up intelligent responses to guests and free up your team for the tasks that require human touch.
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Boost Hotel Revenue with AI
Canary AI intelligently detects guests' needs and surfaces relevant upsell offers. Guests can easily confirm and purchase in seconds.
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Speak 100+ languages tomorrow
Effortlessly speak the same language as your guests, regardless of the languages you or they use.
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Save time and stop switching between systems. Canary directly integrates with leading  housekeeping software tools, unlocking the power to auto-generate service tickets based on  guest messages.
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Personalize each guest’s stay
Canary AI's concierge service goes beyond just providing recommendations. It offers personalized suggestions for activities, dining and more based on guest preferences
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Use AI to Personalize Guest Experiences

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Features & Capabilities

Automated AI handoffs
Automated AI handoffs
If the Canary AI assistant can’t answer, it’ll redirect the message to your team.
Build your hotel’s knowledge base automatically
Build your hotel’s knowledge base automatically
Canary AI is always learning, building institutional knowledge as it goes
Instant, professional, 
on-brand responses
Instant, professional, 
on-brand responses
Speak with a consistent brand voice, and respond with grammatically correct messages.
Responsible AI use
Responsible AI use
Canary employs sophisticated training, evaluation, and real-time monitoring to prevent inappropriate replies.

The Ultimate Guide to AI in Hospitality

AI has arrived. Hoteliers can streamline communication and improve efficiency with AI. Learn how and all about the top 10 use cases for hoteliers.

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Canary AI is part of our full suite of hospitality solutions 

Mobile Check-In
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Seamless check-in your guests without exchanging credit cards, IDs, or registration forms.
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Intelligently offer upsells to your guests throughout their journey.
Guest Messages
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Easily communicate with hotel guests at scale.
Digital Authorizations
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Replace paper credit card authorization forms and reduce fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%
Smart checkout
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Save housekeeping time and drive new revenue.
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Ditch paper to collect and retrieve registration cards in seconds.

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