Increase bookings & complete contracts quicker with Digital Contracts

Canary Digital Contracts helps you get more contracts signed quicker by replacing paper and PDF forms with a streamlined online solution.

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Get contracts signed effortlessly with Canary

Here’s how it works:
Easy Hotel Digital Contracts

Easily create contracts

Create entirely new contracts in Canary. Stored templates make generating similar contracts a breeze.

Unique Links per Guest

Unique Links per guest

Your guest receives a unique link to their personalized contract.

Sign from Anywhere

Sign from anywhere

Your guest fills in and signs the contract online in just a few clicks — mobile-friendly.

Complete Contracts Quicker

Receiving emailed or faxed forms is a huge pain for guests. They either have to fax the form back (if they even have a fax machine), print it out and scan it (if they even have a scanner), or deal with adding a digital signature themselves.

Canary's Digital Contracts solution cuts down the time it takes to receive completed contracts to just a few minutes.

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Canary is a life saver. With $1.2M in catering business, it's a big risk. Canary is the only solution.

Director of Sales
Hyatt Regency

Keep your guests’ information secure

Most hotels don’t even realize that their paper forms violate PCI requirements, which are mandated by the credit card companies to keep customer information secure.  Non-compliance penalties start at $5,000 and can be as high as $500,000. Canary’s secure digital solution handles PCI compliance for you, so you never have to worry about it again.

Fully integrated with the Canary suite

Canary Digital Contracts is integrated with our credit card authorization solution to make collecting credit card information efficient and secure.

See how Digital Contracts helps get contracts signed quicker & generate more revenue


A few helpful answers to common questions

What is Canary’s Digital Contracts solution?
Why are Digital Contracts important for hotels?
What are the key benefits of digital contracts for hotels?

Digital Contracts is part of our full suite of hospitality solutions:

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