Contactless Checkout

Save housekeeping time by having an effortless checkout process

Canary Contactless Checkout helps drive 5-star hotel reviews and improves housekeeping efficiency by immediately informing staff when rooms are vacant and ready to be turned over. Canary guides guests to leave positive reviews through a brief, customizable survey.

Canary streamlines the contactless checkout process

Here’s how it works:
Send Links Automatically visual
Send Links Automatically
Guests are automatically sent checkout links via email and text message the night before, and the morning of, departure.
Guest Selects Checkout Time visual
Guest Selects Checkout Time
Hotel guests simply select the time they would like to checkout and can even request a late checkout for a fee.
Boost Ratings and Reviews visual
Boost Ratings and Reviews
Canary automatically guides your guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor or Google through a brief, customizable survey.
Turnover Rooms Faster visual
Turnover Rooms Faster
Hotel staff is notified immediately when a checkout is processed, which enables  housekeeping to better plan and prioritize the cleaning of the rooms.
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Increase 3rd-Party Reviews

Contactless Checkout increases the number of reviews on TripAdvisor and Google by up to 350%, including growth in four- and five-star reviews.

The Canary solution is simple and powerful. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the folks at Canary took care of setup and training, which made implementation a breeze.

VP of IT & Cyber Security
Classic Hotels & Resorts

Given how cost effective it is and the savings from preventing potential fraud, Canary Technologies was a no brainer.

Ace Hotel, New York

Our biggest frustration was continuously trying to get our receptionists to upsell. With Canary, we went from a couple hundred pounds a month to 2,000 pounds per month - maybe a bit more. The extra revenue has been the biggest impact.

Managing Director
The Mandolay Hotel

Get Started with Contactless Hotel Checkout

Canary Checkout gives you a mobile-friendly way to let your guests checkout and our turnkey solution only takes 10 minutes to set up. Canary's deep connections and integrations with your PMS and payment systems also allow for a completely synchronized and seamless experience for your staff.
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A Clear ROI

Increased revenue from late checkouts and better reviews offer a clear ROI to hotel property owners and operators.
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Loved By Guests

Guests absolutely love the consistency and efficiency of conveniently checking out from their mobile devices.
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Learn how Contactless Checkout can increase your properties reviews and bookings.

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A few helpful answers to common questions

What is Contactless Checkout?

Why is a Contactless Checkout important to hotels?

How does a contactless hotel checkout solution work?

Helpful Resources for Hoteliers

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