Create a Digital Guest Journey as Unique as Your Hotel

Canary’s flexible Guest Management Platform helps independent hotels create the ideal digital guest journey for guests and staff. Enhance the guest experience with thoughtful, branded touchpoints, while driving more revenue and streamlining staff efficiency.

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Shortly after the launch of Canary’s solutions at our property, we noticed a 50% increase in front desk efficiency and a 10% increase in guest satisfaction scores

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– Kendall Clay // Director of Rooms

Support the Full Guest Journey with Canary’s Suite of Solutions

Digital Contracts

Get contracts signed effortlessly & increase bookings

Replace paper and PDF contracts  with a streamlined online solution to get them signed quicker

Digital Authorizations

Reduce fraud & chargebacks

Canary’s PCI Level-1 and GDPR compliant authorization solution helps hoteliers avoid chargebacks and fraud

Contactless Check-in

Save time at the front desk & increase guest satisfaction

Guests can seamlessly check-in online, upload their ID, and complete the registration forms, all from one unique link

Dynamic Upsells

Increase revenue with the leading upselling tool for hotels

Guests can easily browse and purchase add-ons from multiple stages in the guest journey

Guest Messaging

Communicate with hotel guests at scale

Communicate with guests in their preferred channel with direct, AI, and broadcasted messages

Digital Tipping

Attract & retain more staff

Drive 5X more staff tips to increase compensation and improve retention without hurting your bottom line

Contactless Checkout

Boost reviews & save housekeeping time

Contactless Checkout guides only the happiest guests to leave a review on Tripadvisor and Google and increases 4- and 5-star reviews by up to 350%

Guest Management Tools Designed for Independent Properties

Increased Staff Efficiency icon
Increased Staff Efficiency

Canary streamlines administrative tasks like checking guests in and out, filling out paperwork, collecting guest feedback, answering guest inquiries and more. Front desk agents save up to 50% more time with Canary.

More Revenue icon
More Revenue

By opening up new sales channels and streamlining existing upsell efforts, Canary can help hoteliers increase revenue by $10,000’s per month. Reach guests via SMS and email at key points throughout their stay to pitch early check-in, late checkout, F&B services and other amenities.

Better Guest Experiences icon
Better Guest Experiences

Guests can complete their registration and purchase amenities ahead of their stay and throughout their stay, skipping the front desk altogether.  This frees up time for staff to focus on providing a personalized, memorable stay tailored to guest preferences.

More 5-star Reviews icon
More 5-star Reviews

Canary helps hoteliers capture more 5-star reviews by deploying a customizable guest satisfaction survey during the checkout flow. Any guest that leaves 5 stars is then prompted to share their great experience on Tripadvisor and Google. Research has shown that a one-star increase in a hotel’s review profile translates to a 5-9% increase in revenue.

All the Guest-Facing SolutionsYou Need icon
All the Guest-Facing Solutions
You Need

Canary bundles more than 10 separate guest-facing hotel technology solutions under one convenient roof. No more switching betweens systems and managing multiple logins or passwords.

Dedicated Support Whenever You Need It icon
Dedicated Support
Whenever You Need It

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the same level of service you provide to your guests. Canary customer success and support agents are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year via phone and email. Additionally, we provide a robust self-help center for even faster answers to any question you may have.

The Smarter Way to Manage Guests

Canary's cutting-edge Guest Management Platform is designed to meet all of the needs of independent hotel owners and operators. By choosing Canary, independent hoteliers can be sure they always have access to the top tools available, empowering them to thrive and expand in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

increase in 4 & 5 star reviews
more upsell revenue
increase in front desk efficiency
reduction in fraud and chargebacks
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Deep Integration With Your PMS & Other Technology Systems

Canary CustomersCanary Customers

Our development and engineering team maintains all APIs in-house and launches 5-10 new integrations per quarter to ensure Canary integrates with your specific tech stack.

Advanced customizations are available for enterprise customers.

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