Win the fight against fraud & chargebacks

Save thousands of dollars by preventing chargebacks. Protect your hotel’s revenue with Canary, the #1-rated fraud & chargeback solution.

Slash fraud and chargebacks by up to 90%

Fraudsters strike where it hurts most. It’s time to put your foot down. Canary’s proprietary platform with fraud detection is your best defense against costly attacks.

Detect fraud before it even occurs.

Collect IDs, manage credit card authorizations and run advanced fraud checks with Canary.

Scare away fraudsters & prevent chargebacks.

Implementing a fraud detection system like Canary deters friendly fraudsters from trying anything sneaky.

Win more chargebacks than ever before.

When chargebacks rear their ugly head, Canary’s got you covered with all the necessary data and documentation you need to win more disputes.

Save hours battling chargebacks.

Losing chargebacks costs more than you think. Canary saves time by providing solid evidence swiftly when disputes arise.

Never lose another registration card.

Pulling your hair out trying to find that months-old reg card to fight a chargeback? Say no more. Canary stores your guest registration cards in the cloud, so they’re always a click away.

OK, but how does Canary actually help me reduce fraud?

Canary’s robust solutions provides hotels with the tools they need to reduce fraud and chargebacks, and help fight them when or if they occur.

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In

Offer guests a convenient and fast way to check-in, enhancing the guest experience right from the start.

Ready to start winning the battle against chargebacks?

Canary Digital Authorizations is the industry's leading PCI Level-1 compliant solution.
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Key features to reduce hotel chargebacks & fraud

AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Advanced Fraud Prevention
Reduce unauthorized transaction risks with fraud prevention tools like address verification, CVV checks and 3D secure authentication.
AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Mobile-friendly Communication
Stay connected with guests via text for quick issue resolution during their stay and prevent chargebacks from occurring in the first place.
AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Authorizations Dashboard
Track all transactions effortlessly with a web dashboard displaying authorization details, making credit card authorizations a breeze.
AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Enhanced ID Verification
Canary supports more than 4,600+ ID types worldwide and offers a user-friendly mobile verification for top-tier safety.
AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Seamless Integrations
Canary integrates seamlessly with popular PMS systems and payment gateways, making it easy to track and manage your data in one place.
AI-Enabled Guest Communication
Easy Setup
Ready to go in 20 minutes or less. No technical expertise required!

What Our Customers Have To Say

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We got rid of so many paper processes. The decrease in chargebacks is huge for our hotels that utilized Canary.
Sue Russ DePascale
former Vice President of Finance, Pinnacle Hotels USA
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In the four years we’ve used Canary, we haven’t received one chargeback from a card that’s been processed through their platform.
Matthew Chu
Director of Revenue and Reservations, XV Beacon Hotel
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Since we started using Digital Authorizations, we’ve experienced a lot less chargebacks and fraud, and I believe this is due to the fact that we now have a more secure solution. People are a lot less inclined to try to commit fraud when they realize we can verify their information quickly and easily.
Harry Khaira
General Manager, Clarion Hotel & Suites Winnipeg
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Protect Your Hotel’s Bottom Line With Canary

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