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ADR (Average Daily Rate)

What is ADR in hotels?

A hotel's ADR (Average Daily Rate) is a measure used to calculate the average rate paid for a hotel room over a given period of time. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue from room sales by the total number of rooms sold. ADR is used to help analyze the performance of a hotel and can be used to compare hotels in the same market.

ADR can vary greatly across hotels. A few reasons why include:

  • Hotel Class. Luxury hotels typically have the highest ADRs as they have relatively high prices, while economy hotels typically have the lowest ADRs.
  • Geography. A Luxury hotel in New York City will generally have a higher ADR than a luxury hotel in Thailand. The market (i.e., city, region, country) a hotel is in greatly impacts the ADR.
  • Stay-Type. Extended Stay hotels typically have lower ADRs than traditional hotels.

What is the ADR hotel formula?

The ADR hotel formula is calculated by summing total room revenue and dividing it by total rooms sold over that same period. The ADR hotel formula is a formula used to calculate the Average Daily Rate of a hotel. ADR is a measure of a hotel’s average room rate per night.

The formula is: ADR = Total Room Revenue / Total Number of Rooms Sold

For example, if a hotel has 20 rooms and generates a total of $3,600 in room revenue per day, its ADR would be $180.

Why is ADR important to hotels?

ADR (Average Daily Rate) is a key financial metric used by hotels to measure performance. It helps hotels to make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and other revenue management strategies. By tracking ADR over time, hotels can compare the performance of their own property to the performance of their competitors. This helps them to adjust their pricing strategies and make changes to their services in order to maximize revenue. ADR is also important for hotels to identify market trends and stay competitive in the industry.

How do hotels increase ADR?

Hotel owners and operators can increase their ADR by implementing a variety of proven-effective strategies. These include: 

  1. Increasing the quality of service and amenities, offering upgraded rooms, utilizing dynamic pricing 
  2. Implementing loyalty programs
  3. Utilizing marketing campaigns to reach new audiences. 
  4. Upselling services and add-on items like spa treatments, meals, and activities.
  5. Understanding their target market, optimizing their website and online presence, and taking advantage of technological advances
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