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RevPAR vs TRevPAR: What’s the difference? 

While RevPAR and TRevPAR do have some things in common, there are some differences. 

RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) is a commonly used metric in the hotel industry that is calculated by taking the total room revenue generated over a certain period of time (usually a month or year) and dividing it by the total number of rooms available during the same period. It is a measure of how much money each room generates, and is used to compare different properties and track performance over time.

TRevPAR (Total Revenue per Available Room) is a similar metric that takes into account not only room revenue, but also ancillary revenue sources such as F&B, spa, and other services. It is used to measure the total revenue generated by each room, and is a better measure of overall performance of the hotel. While RevPAR is still used as the primary metric for comparing hotels, TRevPAR is becoming increasingly popular as it provides popular as it provides a more comprehensive view of a hotel’s performance.

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