#EmbraceEquity The Women of Canary

Cassie Li
March 8, 2023

International Women's Day

"International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women." At Canary, we mark this March 8th by showcasing some of the amazing women on our team and celebrate their thoughts, perspectives, achievements, and skills. These amazing ladies provide incredible leadership, vision and support within Canary's organization every day of the year.

Who do you look up to & why?

All the women that came before me and broke the mold, kicked in the patriarchal door, and showed how badass women are.

- Natalya Volkov, Customer Success Manager

Honestly, I look up to myself. I am very proud of myself for taking large career risks in the last year that have paid off. I did something out of the norm for myself and invested, bet on, and most importantly trusted in myself. Through this I found a lot of self love, respect, and success.

- Caitlyn Harned, Customer Success Manager

My lovely Mum, for the standard reasons. In history, Julie d'Aubigny (google her for an impressive and colorful biography.) In modern times, Barbara Corcoran for her savvy business sense and gusto. I also deeply admire Phyllis Schlafly for her voice.

- Aileen Tie, Sales Development Representative

What do you think is the biggest challenge in the industry for women?

The Imposter syndrome. The feeling of I am not enough/I don't know enough to sit with other key decision makers.

- Zi Long, Full-Cycle Sales Representative

I feel there is a constant pressure to be overwhelmingly nice even in situations that warrant a more forward approach. There is an assumption that women being "strong" in the workplace are abrasive or being sensitive when in reality the same thing said by a male would be taken as brave and a strong leader

- Caitlyn Harned, Customer Success Manager

Equal Pay

- Airel Castillo, Account Executive

"Having it all" - There is a pervasive message in our culture that we should excel at all things all the time (career, relationship, parenting, looks/self-care, travel/lifestyle...). It's exhausting and leaves little space for where you truly want to focus your attention or prioritize your life.

- Bri Kapellas, Customer Support Lead

Finding the balance between a successful career and family life. Being good at what you do without having to apologize for it.

- Val, Operations

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions, providing a less diverse voice as well as role models for the younger generations.

- Eleanore An, Sr. Manager Product Strategy & Operations

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

#EmbraceEquity means that people don't need to just practice treating others as equals, but actually believe, or "embrace" the reasons behind their actions. It means instilling within people a need, or at least a desire, to change their perspectives on the world and the part others play in their lives

- Kristen Morale, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

People come from different backgrounds and had different resources growing up. Embrace Equity means creating an inclusive environment where people who come from less advantaged backgrounds will have enough resources to succeed at the same level.

- Eleanore An, Sr. Manager Product Strategy & Operations

To me, #Embrace Equity means being able to acknowledge differences and giving allowances to each other

- Val, Operations

It is the only way our society can move forward holistically by addressing implicit biases and prejudices and promoting accessibility and inclusivity

-Chetna Sharma, Software Engineer

What advice would you give to women starting their careers? Or if you could go back in time to give yourself advice when you were first starting out, what would you say?

Believe in yourself. It's essential to have confidence in your abilities and potential. Recognize your strengths and work on improving your weakness. Don't let self doubt or imposter syndrome hold you back. Success in your career is a journey, and there will be ups and downs along the way. Stay resilient, stay positive, and keep working towards your goals.

- Tara Glickman, Sales Development Representative

Have the confidence of a white man. Men will on average apply to jobs where they meet 60% of qualifications while women have a tendency to wait until they meet 100% of qualifications.

- Caitlyn Harned, Customer Success Manager

It's a jungle gym, not a ladder. It can feel like you need to know exactly what you want and have a straight path laid out, but the only constant is change and you have no idea what opportunities will present themselves and what direction you'll grow in.

- Bri Kapellas, Customer Support Lead

Find out what gave you the greatest joy when you were 5 years old and incorporate elements of that in your career or make a clear effort to carve out time out of work to do that. Be fluid and open to change. Learn how to cook a dish well (if working from home) Also, as the great philosopher Beyonce has said, "Never let success get to your head, never let failure get to your heart.

- Aileen Tie, Sales Development Representative

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