What Canary Customers Can Expect After Our $30M Series B Funding Round

Harman Singh Narula
December 7, 2022

A Note From The Founders:

Over the past few years, Canary has been at the forefront of guest-facing technology solutions for hotels. 

The hotel industry has endured multiple periods of change (i.e., COVID, labor shortages, guest expectations) in the past few years, which has super-charged the need for Canary’s solutions. Products like Contactless Check-In/Checkout, Dynamic Upsells, Guest Messaging and Digital Authorizations have all been designed from the ground up to help hoteliers maximize revenue, increase productivity and improve data security. Most recently, we’ve added Digital Tipping as an important focus to help our hotel partners better compensate employees and deal with the ongoing staffing crisis. 

Through it all, our mission at Canary has remained the same — to help hoteliers deliver the best guest experience possible and remain competitive in the evolving lodging landscape.  

To supercharge this mission, we recently raised $30 million in Series B funding led by global software investor Insight Partners, with continued participation from F-Prime Capital, Y-Combinator, Thayer Ventures, Commerce Ventures, and others. 

Similar to our Series A, when the Insight Partners team approached us about potentially raising our Series B, we weren’t actively looking for funding. But after getting to know the team and their experience in scaling similar software businesses, we recognized there was a unique opportunity to supercharge the value we bring to our hotelier customers. 

So, what does this mean for our current customers? 

This new round of funding means Canary customers can continue to look forward to frequent product innovations and releases with in-depth training and support resources. We are absolutely dedicated to providing our hotel partners with the best guest management technology possible, and this new round of funding will help us continue to do just that.  

We’re eternally grateful to the more than 20,000 hoteliers worldwide who have trusted Canary to help improve the guest experience, streamline operations and increase their bottom lines.

We fully understand the trust you have placed in our company and thank you for it. 

We’d also like to both highlight and thank Canary’s amazing team of hospitality industry veterans and technologists for helping us get here. Their genuine commitment to delivering valuable products and services to our hotel partners is the most important component of our success, and we are so glad you appreciate all of their hard work. 

As always, we will continue to strive towards the same level of excellent service you provide to your guests.

Thanks for your ongoing support and trust,

Harman & SJ  

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