Canary Technologies Partners With Pineapple Hospitality To Provide Contactless Check-In, Digital Credit-Card Authorizations For Its Staypineapple Brand

July 6, 2022

San Francisco, Calif. - July 6, 2022 - Canary Technologies, which is modernizing the hotel tech stack with the first fully mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System and its award-winning Digital Authorizations solution, announced today that Staypineapple is implementing Canary’s Contactless Check-In and Digital Authorizations solutions across all of its properties.

Staypineapple is a Pacific Northwest-based brand of upscale boutique hotels in US cities including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Portland and San Diego. Canary’s Contactless Check-In helps streamline and improve the guest experience and the company’s Digital Authorizations product provides hoteliers with a secure PCI Level-1 compliant credit card authorization solution. 


“As we advance our guest-facing technology, our evaluation found that Canary had broad capabilities and an excellent reputation in the industry,” said Staypineapple’s CIO David Thomson. “Canary’s technology is allowing us to offer increased convenience, security, hospitality and joy to our valued guests.”

“Staypineapple selected Canary to meet changing guest needs,” said Canary Head of Engineering Blake VanLandingham. “A critical need was integration with OPERA, the company’s property management system—which Canary integrates with seamlessly. We’re looking forward to working with Staypineapple to roll our solutions out across all of its properties.”

Canary’s Contactless Check-In solution is enabling Staypineapple to continue to elevate its operations, simplify the check-in process, reduce overall expenses, and provide a convenient way for guests to add amenities digitally throughout the guest journey. For hotel guests, Contactless Check-In represents a user-friendly, flexible, and secure option that can help them save time. The technology has helped hotels increase revenue from add-ons and upsells by up to 40 percent while also reducing front desk work by 20 percent. 

Canary’s Digital Authorizations solution allows hotel guests to securely submit their identification and credit card information. With this product in hand, Staypineapple properties will be able to send each guest a unique link so they can enter their credit card information through a PCI-compliant and secure online interface. Each hotel will also have access to Canary’s comprehensive dashboard to keep track of each guest’s digital authorization online. 

Canary’s Digital Authorizations solution is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards that all businesses must adhere to if they capture, process, transmit, or store credit or debit card information. Digital authorizations processed by Canary are vastly more secure than paper forms and Canary customers regularly see chargebacks decrease by up to 90 percent.


In addition to offering Contactless Check-In and Digital Authorizations, Canary Technologies’ menu of products also includes Dynamic Upsells, Guest Messages and Digital Tipping. These products make it possible for Canary’s partners to streamline their processes and reap significant savings and benefits. 

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About Staypineapple

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Staypineapple represents a brand of ten upscale boutique hotels in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Portland, and San Diego. Focused on thoughtful service and design with an uncanny knack for anticipating needs, the brand wholeheartedly embraces the pineapple’s symbol of hospitality and joy. For more information, visit

About Canary Technologies

Canary Technologies is modernizing the hotel tech stack with the first mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System and its award-winning Digital Authorizations solutions. Digitizing everything from post-booking through checkout, Canary is trusted by thousands of hotels in more than 65 countries, including Four Seasons, Choice Hotels, Standard Hotels and Ace Hotel Group. Canary’s solutions help hotels eliminate paper processes, boost revenue with upsells, raise staff efficiency, ensure PCI compliance, improve the guest experience, and reduce chargebacks and payment fraud. Learn more at

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