Canary Checkout saves housekeeping time and drives new revenue

When guests checkout from their phone you'll know when the room is vacant and house keeping can plan accordingly. You'll also be able to let guests request late checkout for a fee and drive higher reviews for your hotel.

Today's checkout process is...

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Housekeeping is left guessing which rooms are vacant and ready to be turned over. Front desk spends valuable time printing & stuffing folios under guest room doors.

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A Missed Opportunity

Check-out is the best time to offer late checkout for a fee and receive immediate feedback and reviews from your guests.

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A Poor Guest Experience

The checkout process is not consistent. Often times guests are disturbed by housekeeping knocking on their door at checkout time.

Canary streamlines the Checkout process

Here is how it works :
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Automatically send checkout links: Guests are automatically sent checkout links via email and text message the night before, and the morning of departure

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Guest submission and reviews: Guests submit time of departure, and can request late checkout for a fee + submit reviews directly from their mobile phone with a single tap

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Turnover efficiently
The staff is notified immediately and can process the checkout. Housekeeping can clean the room for the next guest

“Checkout has helped housekeeping tremendously. We now know if a guest is leaving at 8 or 9 am - so housekeeping can go to those rooms first instead of knocking on doors. It helps us turn the house better."

Director of Sales & Marketing

Dream Inn Santa Cruz
“Checkout is a huge help for housekeeping. A big chunk of guests just leave and don't say anything. Guests now let us know when they're leaving, which helps inform our staff of where to go next.”

General Manager

San Francisco Bay Hotel

Simple to get started

Canary Checkout gives you a standard way to let your guests checkout. You can get up and running in 10 minutes. Canary's deep connections and integrations with your PMS and Payment systems also allow for a completely synchronized experienced for your staff.

A Clear ROI

Increased revenues from late checkout and better reviews offer a clear ROI to your property owners.

Loved by guests

Guests absolutely love the consistency and efficiency of saying goodbye.

Learn how Canary Checkout increases revenue, productivity, and positive reviews for your hotels.

We are here to help our hotel partners

With our focus on hospitality, Canary recognizes the challenges we are facing as an industry. Moving forward, all hoteliers will need to adapt to the evolving needs of both staff and guests. We want to do everything we can to help our hotel partners in these challenging times.