Canary Checkout: A Smart Contactless Checkout Process

Bryan Michalis
Bryan Michalis
May 1, 2024
July 27, 2021
Canary Checkout: A Smart Contactless Checkout Process

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, no hotel guest wants to be bogged down by unnecessary inconveniences. Guest expectations have never been higher as guests expect quick, seamless service. A major hassle that leads to confusion is the checkout process, and it affects both guests and staff members. 


With over 700,000 hotels and resorts world-wide, hoteliers need to effectively take care of their guests -- from check-in all the way until check-out -- to successfully stand-out. Convenience is king and is a must if you want your guests to have a great experience and to come back again. 


This is where Canary Checkout comes into the picture. Make the check-out process sweet and simple. The last impression means everything, and will make or break the deal about future visits to your hotel! 


What is Canary Checkout 

Canary Checkout is a contactless, digital, and mobile-optimized check-out software that helps your hotel guests check-out in less than 60 seconds. The days of tedious, inconvenient, and inefficient checkout are over. 


In the same mobile check-out interface, guests are able to submit when they will be checking out, if they have already checked out, or if they need to request a late check-out time. After checking out, guests will be urged to leave feedback about their experiences. If the rating is 5-stars, the hotel guest will then be encouraged to leave a review on TripAdvisor. 


Our contactless checkout solution can be implemented with all hotels and spas. After all, since checking out will always be a part of the guest process flow. 


Canary Checkout Can Be Set Up in Minutes 


A complimentary 15-minute onboarding call with a Canary onboarding specialist is all that’s needed to get up-and-running on Canary Checkout., After activating our digital and mobile-optimized checkout solution, little to no training is required to operate our user-friendly interface.  


Here’s how a typical checkout experience will look for a guest: 


  1. Prior to a guest’s expected departure, a check-out link will be automatically sent to the guest via text message and email along with a reminder of the hotel’s check-out time. 
  1. Guests will simply click the link and provide when they expect to leave the hotel or if they need to extend their stay for a fee. They can also let the hotel know if they have already left. 
  1. If guests request to extend their stay, they will then be alerted by a staff member through Canary Checkout on whether their request was approved or denied. 
  1. After checking out through the user-interface, guests will be prompted to leave a star rating and feedback. If the review is 5-stars, the guest will be prompted with a direct link to TripAdvisor and urged to leave the same review. 
  1. Once Canary Checkout receives guest feedback, staff will be alerted with the feedback and the guest’s expected checkout time.
  1. All that’s left to do is wish the guest safe travels and turnover


How Checkout Software Can Elevate Your Hotel 

From review rankings to efficiency, Canary Checkout provides great benefits that will elevate your hotel to the next level. 


Here are just a few ways that contactless check-out may benefit your business. 



Streamline operations -- For front desk staff, they are often asked the same questions over and over about check-out times and scheduling. Since check-out software is self-serving, front desk staff will have more time to dedicate to other matters. 


For housekeeping, staff often have to guess when rooms open up. Not only can this be bothersome for guests, but the process itself is highly inefficient. With Canary Checkout, housekeeping will know if guests have left, when they plan to leave, and if extra time was requested -- all in real time! This can help housekeeping turnover guests more efficiently. 


The check-out process is streamlined to be the most effective by sending automatic check-out links, offering self-service for guests, and then a review. 




Improve reviews -- Canary Checkout only refers the happiest of guests to leave reviews on TripAdvisor. With that, your search engine score will be higher and you’ll be discovered more often -- which all eventually leads to more profit! 


Not-so-happy guests will also be able to leave feedback through Canary Checkout. These reviews are personal and can be used to identify problems. And since you can now see these reviews when guests are still on property - hoteliers now have a chance to rectify any problems before the guest leaves! Guests who leave low-ratings will not be directed to TripAdvisor for an additional review. With a suggestion feature, guests will be more comfortable leaving feedback and giving you valuable insight. 



Earn more -- By charging for late check-out, you’ll earn more. Despite the fact that it is completely reasonable to charge guests who overstay, and that guests are willing to pay the fee -- many hotels let late check-outs slide for free. What a missed opportunity! 


Hotels had no concrete way of regulating check-outs until now. With no extra costs for the hotel, these late check-out fees generate “pure” profit. However, charging for late check-outs is customizable, and you can choose not to charge at all. 


How Checkout Software Can Improve Guest Experience 

As mentioned, convenience is king when it comes to an optimal hotel experience. Like a canary, guests want to fly and feel limitless when staying at a hotel! 


Here are ways that contactless checkout may benefit overall guest experiences


Improve safety -- Safety is more important now than ever. With modern technology, there’s no longer an excuse that requires direct contact check-out. Cleanliness is jeopardized and germs can be spread. By switching to contactless check-out, guests (and staff) will feel more comfortable and are less likely to be exposed to pathogens and other sickness-causing germs.  


To provide concrete numbers, a recent survey commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association revealed that 85% of hotel guests felt more comfortable utilizing technology to reduce direct contact. As a whole, switching to contactless check-out is safer for everyone -- even long after the pandemic is over. 


Simpler check-outs -- Guests are able to leave or request check-out changes at the press of a button and all on one platform.  


More guest convenience -- For a busy business woman or eager traveler, being halted in a check-out queue can be truly frustrating. Even 5 minutes of unnecessary waiting can sour an otherwise great stay. 


Again, let’s look at the numbers. According to a recent survey, 70% of guests prefer to skip the front desk and not wait in line to check-out. With contactless and digital check-out, your guests won’t have to wait in a line ever again. 


What Makes Canary Checkout Better Than Competitors 

No downloads -- Whether it’s a lack of storage or an outdated phone, more guests will use your contactless solution when you don’t have to download it. All that’s needed is a mobile search browser and your guests are all set to go! Our no-download feature is important because the more guests that use your contactless check-out, the more prominent the benefits described earlier will be. 


Full brand immersion -- Having a solid brand that’s easily recognizable is important. With Canary Checkout, you’ll be able to tailor the contactless check-out experience exactly as you like. That’s because Canary Checkout integrates with major PMS providers. Compatible PMS providers include Opera, Infor, Protel, Skytouch, SayNTouch, and more. 



The hospitality industry is going digital. The pandemic was merely a catalyst to speed up this industry-sized transformation. Since the last impression is as important as the first, let’s make it count. Guests want to skip the front desk, and you want to evolve your hotel into something even greater. Canary Checkout offers a win-win solution. 


Integrate Canary Checkout now so that your guests will feel limitless, unburdened, and free. Take advantage of our zero-commitment free trial and see what modern contactless check-out can do for you.

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