Canary Upsells is the complete upselling tool for hotels that immediately increases revenue

Intelligently offer upsells to your guests throughout their journey. Upsells can be bought from the time of booking all the way through checkout and results in thousands of dollars of new revenue a week for your property

The current state of upsells...

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Missed Opportunity

Most hotels do not have a standard way to offer upsells to their guests after booking, and leave a lot of revenue on the table

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Lack of Consistency

95% of front desk agents never ask guests if they would like to upgrade their room or purchase an upsell

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Poor Guest Experience

Guests prefer the ability to proactively purchase upsells on their own to enhance their stay

Canary Upsells features include...

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Present guests with ability to purchase upsells
Canary Upsells automatically presents upsells to your guests from time of booking all the way through check out

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Guests select upsells
Guests are able to select upsells at any point before or during their stay. They simply click to browse all upsells and request to purchase

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Hotel receives alert to confirm and deliver upsell
Canary Upsells learns which of your upsells is performing the best for each guest & trip type, and accordingly optimizes the offering to maximize revenues.

“Contactless Check-In paid for itself quickly through the offering of upsells and amenities”

General Manager

Dream Hollywood
"Upselling was a huge bonus. We hit thousands of dollars in Upsells last month. We only have 7 rooms so that was enormous for us. Early check-in and late checkout wasn't something that we used to charge for. It turns out guests are happy to pay $25 for the service."

Owner and General Manager


Simple to get started

You can get up and running in 10 minutes and start seeing additional revenue the same day. Deeper integrations with your PMS and Payment Systems open up a world of possibilities for continous optimization and streamlining.

A clear ROI

Canary Upsells exists solely to drive ROI and that is exactly what it does. It will become a tool your owners will ask you about at each month's end.

Tailormade for hotels

We know how hard it is to run a hotel and we make sure that offerring upsells does not complicate your operations.

Learn how Canary Upsells increases revenues for your hotels

We are here to help our hotel partners

With our focus on hospitality, Canary recognizes the challenges we are facing as an industry. Moving forward, all hoteliers will need to adapt to the evolving needs of both staff and guests. We want to do everything we can to help our hotel partners in these challenging times.