11 Hotel Upselling Scripts for Your Front Desk

Stephen Alemar
April 17, 2023

Hotel upselling should be a vital part of your revenue strategy. Why? Because it enhances your guest experience, gives you a competitive advantage, and maximizes your inventory.

Every day, upsell opportunities present themselves throughout your hotel, so how can you make the most of them and, most importantly, win that extra bit of ancillary revenue

Train your front desk agents using the following eleven hotel upselling scripts to encourage more sales and happier guests.

The Impact of Upselling on a Hotel’s Bottom Line 

There’s a bit of an art to upselling. Done well, it can make a big impact on your bottom line. Done badly, guests could wind up feeling irritated and price-gouged. 

But it’s worth the effort, as upselling — done at the right time to the right customers — can help improve key metrics like revenue per available room (RevPAR) and average daily rate (ADR). By upselling certain add-ons, amenities, or experiences you can also find new revenue streams. 

Who is Responsible for Greeting Guests? 

Many hotel workers are responsible for greeting staff, including front desk agents, bellhops/porters, concierge, and valet attendants. When greeting guests, it’s best practice to:

  • Smile
  • Greet guests by name (if known)
  • Maintain open, positive body language and posture
  • Hold eye contact 

However, every member of staff should be trained to a front desk standard on how to greet guests. 

11 Hotel Upsells Scripts To Follow 

Scripts are a great way to help train your staff and improve the way they interact with guests. Use the following hotel upsell scripts to inspire your own. 

Sample Script for Upselling a Hotel Room 

Hotel receptionist: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name], welcome to [Hotel Name]. How may I assist you today?

Guest: Hi, my name is [name]. I’d like to check-in, please. 

Hotel receptionist: I see that you have a reservation for a [room type] room. We have some fantastic options for room upgrades today. Our deluxe room has a king-size bed and a lovely sea view. Would you like me to tell you more about it?

Guest: Yes, please.

Front Desk Agent: Our deluxe rooms are much bigger than our standard rooms and include a seating area, a monsoon shower, and a complimentary minibar. It would be an extra fifty dollars. How does that sound?

Guest: Ok, let's go for it!

Sample Script for Upselling a Parking Spot 

Front Desk Agent: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name], I see that you’re booked to stay with us on [date]. I wanted to check if you’d like to book a parking spot for your vehicle during your stay. We do have a secured parking area, monitored 24/7. 

Guest: Sounds like a good idea - how much is it?

Front Desk Agent: The cost for parking is [price] per night, but as a valued guest, I am delighted to offer you a special discounted rate of [discounted price] per night. This includes unlimited in-and-out privileges. 

Guest: Sure, let’s do it!

Sample Script for Upselling a Late Checkout 

Front Desk Agent: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I see that you’re checking out tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know that we have a few late checkout options available for guests who wish to extend their stay. Our regular check-out time is [check-out time] but we now offer a late check-out option that allows you to stay in your room until [late check-out time].

Guest: How much does a late checkout cost?

Front Desk Agent: The cost for a late check-out is [price], and it's subject to availability. However, as a valued guest, I'm delighted to offer you an exclusive discount of [discounted price] if you'd like to take advantage of this offer. This option would give you a chance to relax, explore the city, or enjoy the hotel's amenities for a few extra hours without having to rush. 

Guest: That sounds good!

Front Desk Agent: Amazing! Shall I secure a late checkout for you today then?

Guest: Yes, please. 

Sample Script for Upselling Dinner Reservations 

Front Desk Agent: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're enjoying your stay with us. I wanted to check if you have dinner plans this evening. 

Guest: We don’t have plans. 

Front Desk Agent: Would you like me to make you a reservation somewhere? We have a wonderful Italian restaurant on site and I can book you in for this evening if you’d like. It’s incredibly popular so I’d recommend booking sooner rather than later.

Guest: That sounds lovely. Why not?

Front Desk Agent: Wonderful! What time would you prefer? 

Guest: How about 8 PM?

Front Desk Agent: Great. That’s all booked in for you at 8 PM tonight then. Enjoy!

Sample Script for Upselling Spa Passes

Front Desk Agent: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're having a relaxing stay with us. I wanted to let you know that we have an amazing spa facility here at our hotel offering a range of treatments and services, including massages, facials, and more. We also have a sauna and steam room. If you're interested, we offer a spa pass that gives you unlimited access to our spa facilities throughout your stay. 

Guest: Sounds luxurious! How much is a spa pass?

Front Desk Agent: The cost for the spa pass is [price], but as a valued guest, I'm delighted to offer you an exclusive discount of [discounted price]. I highly recommend it if you're looking to relax and rejuvenate during your stay. Would you like to purchase a spa pass?

Guest: Let’s do it. 

Front Desk Agent: Excellent! Here’s your pass. Show this to the spa receptionist upon entry and you’ll be good to go. The spa is down the hall and to the right — you can’t miss it!

Sample Script for Upselling Pet Stays/Fees

Front Desk Agent: Good [morning/afternoon/evening] Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you’re having a lovely day. I’m calling to ask if you plan on bringing along a pet to your stay. We are a fully-pet-friendly hotel and we’d be delighted to welcome your furry friend!

Guest: I didn’t know you were pet friendly. So, I could bring my labrador?

Front Desk Agent: Of course! We do, of course, charge a mandatory fee to cover the costs of cleaning and maintaining the room to ensure that it is suitable for future guests. 

Guest: That’s understandable. How much is it?

Front Desk Agent: The cost to bring a pet along is an extra [price] per night but we also provide a bed, food and water bowls, treats, and toys. How does that sound? 

Guest: Sounds good! 

Sample Script for Upselling Premium WiFi 

Front Desk Agent: Good morning/afternoon, Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're enjoying your stay with us. I wanted to let you know that we offer premium WiFi options for guests who require faster and more reliable internet connectivity.

Our regular WiFi option is complimentary, but it can be slow during peak usage times or if you need to stream or download large files. Our premium WiFi option, on the other hand, provides faster and more reliable connectivity, allowing you to browse the internet, stream videos, and connect with loved ones without any lag.

Guest: Not a bad idea. How much is it?

Front Desk Agent: The cost for our premium WiFi option is [insert price here], and it's available for the duration of your stay.

Sample Script for Upselling Breakfast

Front Desk Agent: Good morning/afternoon, Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're enjoying your stay with us. Have you had one of our wonderful breakfasts in bed yet?

Guest: Not yet! 

Front Desk Agent: I’d recommend trying it out! It includes a variety of breakfast options, such as freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruits, yogurt, hot coffee, and a selection of teas. Our kitchen staff takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients, and we can even accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences.

Sample Script for Upselling Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services

Front Desk Agent: Good morning/afternoon, Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're enjoying your stay with us. I wanted to let you know about our laundry and dry cleaning services. Our laundry and dry cleaning services are provided by a professional and experienced team. We use only the highest quality detergents and equipment to ensure your clothes are cleaned to perfection. 

Guest: I have a few shirts that need dry cleaning. How much would it be for three?

Front Desk Agent: For three shirts the price would be [price]. And we can return them to you the same day. Would you be interested in using our laundry and dry cleaning services during your stay with us?

Sample Script for Upselling a Customized Minibar

Front Desk Agent: Good afternoon, Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I wanted to let you know about our customized minibar service, which allows you to choose your selection of snacks and drinks to enjoy during your stay. Our customized minibar service is a great way to save money if you typically purchase snacks and drinks outside the hotel.

Guest: What kind of things can I include?

Front Desk Agent: We have a wide variety of snack and drink options, including fizzy drinks, fruit juices, crisps, chocolate, and nuts. We also provide bath bombs, toys for children, and other useful items.

Guest: That sounds amazing! 

Front Desk Agent: Wonderful. In a few moments, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to our online minibar portal. There you’ll be able to submit your choices for your customized minibar. Just to let you know, there is no upfront fee - you’ll be charged per item consumed. 

Sample Script for Upselling a City Tour

Front Desk Agent: Good morning/afternoon, Mr./Ms. [guest name]. I hope you're enjoying your stay with us. I wanted to ask if you have had a tour of the city yet. As we’re a city with so much history, we’ve partnered with a tour company to give our guests discounted tour rates. 

Guest: No, we haven’t had a tour.

Front Desk Agent: Our city tours are conducted by knowledgeable local guides who will take you to the most popular attractions and hidden gems in the city. You'll learn about the history and culture of the city, as well as get insider tips on the best places to eat, shop, and explore.

Guest: That sounds good. Is there any availability for tomorrow morning?

Front Desk Agent: Certainly! Does 9:30 AM work for you? 

Guest: Perfect! How much is the tour?

Front Desk Agent: The cost for our city tours is [price]. 

Not Every Front Desk Agent is a Great Salesperson

Selling is a difficult skill. It takes charisma, patience, knowledge of your guests, and luck. For some, selling comes naturally but for others, it may not. Since your front desk agents aren’t hired for their selling skills alone, they may not always be good salespeople. 

But fear not; you can supplement your workforce’s interpersonal skills with the right technology

Flip the Script: Use Upsell Software to Increase Revenue at Scale 

While your front desk staff should always try to upsell when the moment is right, upsell technology is a great way to take some of that pressure off and increase ancillary revenue.

Canary Upsells allows hoteliers to upsell more successfully throughout the entire guest journey. David Thompson, Chief Information Officer at StayPineapple, for example, said that they “saw a 200% increase in the number of [upsell] packages we’ve sold since implementing Canary at Staypineapple properties.”

Here are a few benefits of dynamic upselling software like Canary Upsells:


With smaller teams and growing workloads, automation within the hotel industry can help alleviate stress, improve the customer experience, and streamline processes. 

Demo Canary Upsells Today!

Ability To Approve & Deny Upsells 

Dynamic upselling technology gives you full control over the add-ons and services you upsell (or don’t). This is great when you only have a limited number of spa slots per day, for example.

Integrates Deeply With Your PMS 

Canary Upsells enables a more streamlined experience for guests and staff members by integrating with your property management system (PMS) This removes the need for manual input and reduces human error. 

Instant Deployment 

Canary Upsells is quick to enable. It only takes ten minutes to set up so you can start driving additional revenue the same day.

Flexible Presentation Options (lots of room pictures) for Enticing Guests To Purchase

Images help guests make up their minds - especially if they’re appealing! Canary Upsells presents upsell options in an enticing, effective way.

Drive up to 200% more revenue at your hotel with Canary Upsells. Schedule Demo Now! 

Learn How Canary Can Help Your Properties Thrive

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