Canary’s #1-Rated Digital Contracts & Payments Solutions Now Integrated With Amadeus Delphi

Bryan Michalis
May 10, 2023

Hoteliers using Delphi Amadeus Sales & Catering’s solutions are invested in creating the most streamlined experience for meeting and event bookings. Increased staff efficiency results in higher volumes of bookings and better executed sales cycles.

Whether closing a booking for a wedding, business event, or room block, Delphi customers will now be able to seal the deal using Canary’s Digital Contracts and Payments solutions. Rated the #1 fraud prevention hotel technology 3 years in a row, Canary is proud to bring its award-winning solutions to Delphi customers.

This spring, Amadeus Delphi customers can access the new Canary integration directly inside of the Delphi interface. With just one-click within Delphi, hoteliers can create and send contracts for e-signature and payment links for collecting deposits or installments. All documents and payment information are saved securely within relevant account records in Delphi.

With Delphi and Canary together, hoteliers can complete contracts more quickly and securely collect and process payments in one place.

Benefits Delphi Users Can Expect From Canary

Finalize contracts and collect payments in minutes. With just one-click within Delphi, you can easily send contracts for signature, collect payments, and authorize payments — all in one go.

No more PDFs getting lost in emails or fax messages. Send digital contracts and credit card authorization forms to your clients via Canary’s secure links. Collect and store signed contracts and authorization forms within your Delphi Booking records.

PCI Level 1 Compliance & Security. Securely collect and store guest credit card data.

Streamline billing. Add a payment schedule to your authorization form. Collect a deposit immediately and easily process payments for future installments, all through Canary’s payment processing solution.

Reduce fraud and chargebacks with real-time fraud detection. Canary’s proprietary fraud detection has been rated the #1 fraud prevention tool for 3-years in a row. Canary runs a fraud check immediately after a credit card authorization is submitted to flag suspicious information and behavior. Save thousands of dollars on potential chargebacks.

The increased efficiency of using Canary helps users save up to $36/contract and accelerate sales cycles from 8 days to just 3 hours long to get a contract signed. In addition, Canary’s advanced fraud detection technology for authorizing credit cards and payments helps users reduce chargebacks & fraud by up to 90% - protecting hotels’ revenue and the bottom line.

A Hyatt Regency Director of Sales swears by Canary to get contracts across the finish line: “Canary is a life saver. For any large property with $1.2M in catering business, it’s a big risk. Canary is the only solution.”

How Delphi Users Can Get Started With Canary

One of the perks of using Canary is the quick set-up and ease of use of the integration within Delphi. Canary Digital Contracts and Payments can be set up in just 15 minutes within your Delphi account.

Request a demo [add link] to speak with a Canary sales representative who will walk through Canary experience within Delphi.

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