How Classic Hotels & Resorts Gets to 100% Security Compliance with Canary

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“The Canary solution is simple and powerful. It provides exactly what we needed at our hotels, without being an overkill. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the folks at Canary took care of setup and training, which made implementation a breeze.”
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Esteban Velez, Classic Hotels & Resorts' Vice President of Information Technology & Cyber Security, and J.J. McClelland, Classic’s Area Controller, had a problem: their manual approach to credit card authorization was a major security hole.

They were completely reliant on paper forms that had to be faxed back and forth with customers. These forms—which contained customers’ sensitive credit card information—were archived in paper binders scattered around the office.

The result: a security breach waiting to happen. And with stories like the Marriott hack in the news every day, Esteban and J.J. knew they needed a better solution.

linkedin iconEsteban Velez
Esteban Velez
VP of Information Technology & Cyber Security
18 years in hospitality

“Canary brings peace of mind to guests and eliminates uncertainty.”

The Classic Hotels & Resorts team initially looked into other digital auth solutions. While they did offer the digital authorizations they needed, Esteban and J.J. found that it was overkill, and required them to pay for features they wouldn’t use.

Canary, on the other hand, offered the perfect mix of functionality, price, and ease of use. As Esteban put it, “it was just right—like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

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