Greener Check-Ins, Happier Guests: Mr. C. Coconut Grove's Sustainability Transformation with Tablet Registration

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Sustainability is important to today's socially and environmentally-conscious guests, which is why we partnered with Canary and chose to implement their Tablet Registration product.
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Mr. C Coconut Grove is a 100-room boutique hotel in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood. Committed to sustainability and achieving prestigious certifications from Forbes Travel Guide, the hotel aimed to streamline front desk operations and reduce paper usage. In 2023, Jonathan Paul, the hotel's Director of Front Office, implemented Canary Tablet Registration to support this initiative.

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Jonathan Paul
Director of Front Office

Overall, Canary Tablet Registration has modernized our check-in process. It’s seamless, sustainable, and saves us time and money.

The solution: Modernizing the front desk with Canary

Mr C Coconut Grove transformed its check-in process with Canary's Tablet Registration solution. Guests now complete digital registration forms on tablet devices at the front desk.

No more wasted paper.

Staff have time back to focus on hospitality rather than manual data entry. Additionally, storing guest data in the cloud ensures easy retrieval in the event of chargebacks, and saves on storage costs.

"Canary's Tablet Registration has been crucial in our sustainability journey, significantly cutting down paper usage," he said. "With Tablet Registration, we've eliminated 700-1,000 sheets of paper per month."

Front desk agents appreciate the legible, organized digital records that integrate directly into their property management system. Guest feedback has been positive as well.

“It’s helping us enhance the guest experience,” he said. “Typing information out instead of writing everything is easier for guests. As a result, our guest information collection has improved significantly, which is a key point for us.”

The results: A leaner, greener operation

Implementing Canary Tablet Registration came with a host of benefits for Mr. C Coconut Grove:

  1. Significant paper savings. The hotel saved 700-1000 sheets of paper per month, cut ink usage by 50% and reduced costs on paper, ink, and pens.
  3. Faster check-ins. Tablet Registration reduces guest check-in time, enhancing guest experience.
  5. Streamlined front desk. Staff no longer spends time on manual data entry. With Tablet Registration, all guest data is automatically stored in the cloud and easily accessible.
  7. Improved data accuracy. Eliminating handwritten forms enhanced accuracy and increased guest data collection, reducing errors during check-in.
  9. Reduction in storage costs. The hotel no longer has to pay to store physical registration cards offsite after 30 days, saving costs over time.

An inspiring transformation

Jonathan cites improved efficiency, accuracy, and guest and staff satisfaction since implementing Tablet Registration. He recommends the solution for its elegant design and ability to save time and costs while enhancing marketing efforts through required guest information fields.

“Overall, Canary Tablet Registration has modernized our check-in process,” Jonathan said. “It’s seamless, sustainable, and saves us time and money.”

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