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Boost 5-Star Hotel Reviews by up to 350%

Canary’s Hotel Reputation Management Software  enables hoteliers to easily capture reviews and ratings from every guest. With AI messaging and customizable surveys, Canary guides any guest that leaves a 5-star review to share it on Tripadvisor and Google Reviews.

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Canary Improves Your Reputation Online

Here’s how it works:
Get Better Hotel Reviews


Canary provides easy-to-use automated guest messaging tools so hoteliers can proactively encourage every guest to leave a great review. Works seamlessly with SMS and WhatsApp.



As a guest departs a property, Canary automatically sends a customized guest satisfaction survey to their mobile device. This allows guests to conveniently leave feedback in just a few clicks.



Guests are asked to leave a satisfaction score of 1-5. Guests that leave 5-stars are prompted to share their great experience on Tripadvisor & Google Reviews.



Any guest satisfaction score of 4 or less is directed to hotel staff members for internal review. And since guests complete the survey prior to checking out, your staff can address their feedback while they’re still on property. This helps turn detractors into promoters!



According to industry research, a 1-star improvement in a hotel’s review profile increases revenue 5-9%. Likewise, a 10% improvement in a Tripadvisor score boosts bookings by 9-15%.

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Better Reviews & More Bookings

Canary’s Hotel Reputation Management Software can help every type of hotel —from limited-service to luxury — drive more great reviews, bookings and revenue.

Case study

How Ali’i Resorts LLC Increased Its Average Google Reviews Rating From 3.5 to 4.6

Ali’i Resorts - Maui, Hawaii

Property type: Short-term rentals
Number of keys: 185
Location: Maui, Hawaii

Canary’s reputation and hotel review management software has made it easier than ever for Ali’i Resorts’ management team to receive feedback from guests and guide those who’ve had great experiences to provide positive reviews.

Any guest who leaves a 5-star review is now directed immediately through Canary’s interface to share their positive experience on Google.

As a result, we’ve seen our average star rating increase from 3.5 to 4.6 on Google since implementing Canary’s reputation management solution.

– Sam Chesick
Assistant Director of Operations

Simple to get started

Canary’s hotel review management tools can be deployed independently or as an integrated solution within Canary’s Guest Experience Platform.

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Easy Implementation

Canary’s reputation management software can be set up in less than 30 minutes with no need for new hardware or app downloads onto guests’ mobile devices.

A Clear ROI

The better a hotel’s online reviews the more bookings and revenue it will drive from both new and returning guests.

Learn how Canary’s Hotel Reputation Management Software can help you improve guest reviews and generate more revenue.


A few helpful answers to common questions

What is hotel reputation management software?

Why is hotel review management important to hoteliers?

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