Love Canary? Rate Us on Hotel Tech Report!

Bryan Michalis
November 15, 2021

As a company led by hospitality industry experts and veterans, the Canary team understands how important a high level of service is to building relationships with customers. Every day, we strive to bring the same level of dedication and high-touch service to our hotel partners that they provide to their own guests. 

Luckily, we receive a constant stream of feedback from our hotel partners about why they love Canary’s products and what we can do to improve. 

Here are a few examples we recently received:

“Our front desk team embraced Canary’s Contactless Solutions from the onset and is thankful as it has made their jobs easier. I'm very glad we adopted it!"
Managing Director, Woodside Hotel Group

“Canary helps us compete in this high-tech environment by getting off the antiquated paper authorization forms.”
General Manager, Cambria Hotels

“We've received a lot of compliments on Canary's Contactless Solutions, and guests find them very easy to navigate. The implementation and training during initial set-up was quick, efficient, and easy to understand."
General Manager, TrueKey Hotels & Resorts

Some of these comments come through the many person-to-person conversations we have with our customers via our account managers and sales team. Many others come through channels such as Hotel Tech Report. 

If you love Canary and would like to let us (and the world) know, please leave us a review on Hotel Tech Report for Contactless Check-In and Upsells

These reviews help enable even more hotels to learn about the big benefits technology can bring to the hospitality industry! 

Leave your review of Canary on Hotel Tech Report today!

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