A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Contactless Check-In

May 31, 2020

Enhanced operating procedures for checking in guests post COVID-19:

Step 1. Pre-Arrival

By communicating with your incoming guest prior to arrival, you can reassure their comfort level by guiding them through a contactless check-in experience in advance.


– Ensure your arrivals list is imported into your contactless check-in solution in advance and that you’ve sent your mobile check-in links to your arrivals at least 12 hours in advance.

– Prepare informational content for you guests on COVID-related initiatives/processes your property is undertaking (i.e. cleaning schedules, room cleanings, updates to public areas like gyms and restaurants) 

Step 2. Lobby Arrival

Inform guests as soon as they arrive on property how they will check in within social-distancing guidelines. Provide a seamless experience where guests can enter, verify their credit card and license, and collect their roomkey.

– Prepare signage to guide arriving guests how they will check in, with messaging such as “We support Contactless Check-In at Hotel ABC.”

– Consider a separate queue for guests who are comfortable checking in on their mobile phone at a safe distance.

– For transactions that require credit card chip authorization, position EMV card readers facing outward where the guest can process their card without touching anything.

– Designate an area on your front desk for touchless key hand off. Once a guest is checked in, your team will place the key package on this part of the front desk and step away. The guest can then step forward and retrieve their key.

Step 3: A Cleanliness Checklist
As you prepare to welcome guests, ensure you’ve considered the following steps:

____ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including guidance for staff
____ Visible sanitizer stations in public areas and back-office workspaces
____ New social distancing signage and signals
____ Updated training for all appropriate staff members
____ Individual guest amenity cleaning kits and personal-use sanitizer and wipes.


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