Types of Rooms in 5-Star Hotels

Stephen Alemar
January 3, 2022

Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life — the chance to step outside our everyday lives to experience different places and truly relax and enjoy ourselves is one to be treasured. 

However, even with its abundance of benefits, the planning part of travel can certainly be stressful for guests. There's plenty that needs to be booked ahead of time, such as plane tickets, excursions, and of course, hotels. Even after selecting a place to stay, picking the particular room — one that will be comfortable and suit all of a guests’ needs — can be confusing. This is especially true for guests booking accommodation at resorts and 5-star hotels that provide a wide array of room types. 

Below, we discuss the different hotel room types that can be found at 5-star hotels, and how they can be presented to guests in an easily digestible manner.

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How Many Room Types in a 5-Star Hotel?

A 5-star hotel will typically offer guests several different room types, each featuring its own set of amenities, number of beds and layout. The makeup of room types at a property is largely determined by the general demographics groups (i.e., business travelers, families, newly weds, etc.) that stay at the hotel. Hoteliers planning on adding or renovating rooms at their properties should have a thorough understanding of who their guests are before determining which types of rooms to prioritize. 

Below is a comprehensive list of the various room types that can generally be found at a 5-star property:

  • Single Rooms 
  • Twin or Double Rooms 
  • Studio Rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Rooms with a View 
  • Suites
  • Presidential Suites 

Single Rooms

One of the most common types of room at any hotel is the single. Typically, this means that the room has one bed meant for one person or a couple, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the room is small. In fact, some hotels may offer larger rooms than others, depending on the size of the hotel itself. Often a single room is occupied by those traveling for business or those traveling alone who are not planning on staying for an extended period of time and don't need a lot of extra space. They're usually alone in the room and are using the space primarily for the purposes of sleeping and getting ready to go out. 

Twin or Double Rooms

Both a twin and double room contain two beds in the space, the difference pertaining to the size of the beds and the number of guests that can stay in the room. A twin room contains two single size beds, so it's meant for a maximum of two guests. A double room, though, can contain up to four people because it contains two double-size beds. Both contain all the basic accommodations you would expect to find in a hotel room. Twin rooms are often better for those traveling with a friend or business partner, and double rooms are better for families with one or two young children or other groups with three to four traveling together. 

Studio Rooms

Studio rooms are a bit more flexible than most other types of rooms and often are a bit less pricey, especially when staying in a 5-star hotel. Studios are smaller than doubles but larger than twins. They typically have only one bed, but that bed can be converted into a couch when it's not time for sleep. Depending on the hotel, it may also have a kitchenette with a small fridge and stove for cooking. A studio room is perfect for those looking for a cheaper option or for someone who's looking to stay for a longer period of time and wants the amenities of a small apartment. 

Deluxe Rooms

A deluxe room is one of the most popular choices of guests staying in 5-star hotels because of its comfort and supply of amenities, without being too over-the-top or expensive. It has at least two beds which can fit up to four people so is perfect for those traveling in a group or for small families. A living space is also provided which includes a table and chairs and tea and coffee makers with ample supplies. A minibar may also be included. Deluxe rooms are similar to double rooms but are more spacious and generally maintain more amenities and higher quality furniture. 

Rooms With a View

If your hotel is located in a picturesque destination, many of your guests may find it important that their room provides a great view of the surrounding area. Not every room at a 5-star hotel has a fantastic view of the city or countryside, which means hoteliers can place a premium on the ones that do. Offering guests the option to select a room with a view can be a great source of ancillary revenue for all types of hotels, but this is especially the case for luxury properties. 


For those traveling in larger groups, it can be a hassle to find rooms and book them all separately especially if they want to stay close to each other. A suite is made up of multiple rooms that are all connected by a common living area. This allows groups of people to have their personal space and separate living quarters without having to trek across the hotel to multiple rooms to plan something or even just hang out. Along with all the basic amenities, suites often also include a kitchenette, dining table, sofa bed, TV, and private bathrooms for each guest.

Suites come in many different sizes and configurations. They include different numbers of bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. Some suites may even have balconies or terraces.

Presidential Suites

A presidential or executive suite emphasizes comfort and luxury above all else and is often the most expensive room at a 5-star hotel. A presidential suite will vary based on each hotel, but are often constructed in the style as a regular suite, but with more space, nicer décor, and more amenities and services. Extra amenities and services that are not strictly necessary, but provide a better and more comfortable experience are often included in these suites. Large work desks, a hot tub bath, fireplaces, prep kitchens, fitness rooms, a private pool, and 24/7 housekeeping or butler services, are all examples of the additional amenities and services that may be included in the price of a presidential suite. Security in and around these rooms is often increased because the guests who book them may be high profile public figures. 


There are a wide variety of the types of rooms found at a 5-star hotel. 

To better help your guests make decisions about which room-type is best for them, be sure to collect key information regarding the number of guests who will be staying, their reason for booking a room, their desired number and size of beds, and what additional amenities they require.

This will ensure your guests receive the best experience possible and have amazing memories to bring back home!

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