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A Complete Daily Hotel Front Desk Checklist

Having a daily hotel front desk checklist as part of your standard operating procedures (SOPs) is critical to maintaining a high level of customer service so your guests have the best stay possible.

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10 Hospitality Tips Every Hotelier Should Know

The day-to-day operations that come with running a hotel can easily become overwhelming. These 10 hospitality tips can be used by any hoteliers to help keep their head above water.

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18 Innovative Ideas for Every Type of Hotel

As most hoteliers can attest having gone through a global pandemic, problems arise and problems dissipate. But it’s how you deal with them that matters. Innovative ideas for hotels are keys to building resilience. 

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The Complete Guest Journey: From Pre-Arrival to Post-Stay

The guest journey begins long before check-in, continues through post-stay, and, in some cases may never end.

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Welcoming & Greeting Hotel Guests: 13 Scripts To Follow

Giving your staff the right tools and resources is crucial if you want to make every guest feel valued and appreciated from check-in onwards. This is why we’ve created thirteen scripts for various check-in scenarios that help your team welcome and greet hotel guests.

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How To Earn Better Google Reviews for Your Hotel in 10 Easy Steps

Your hotel’s Google reviews have a significant impact on your bottom line. Every hotel should have a strategy to win more reviews, hit a higher rating, and earn more money.

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17 Hotel Improvement Ideas Every Hotelier Should Consider

Coming up with hotel improvement ideas is an important part of maintaining and increasing your hotel’s success. However, when you’re short on time, coming up with ideas isn’t always easy. And that's why Canary's team of industry experts has put together this list of helpful hotel improvement ideas for you to consider.

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15 Important Hotel Metrics & How to Improve Them

Hotel metrics, benchmarking, and KPIs are essential for the success of a hotel. After all, guesswork can only get you so far in a highly competitive environment. By tracking and evaluating these hotel metrics, you will understand things like how your hotel is performing, how your rates compare to your comp set, and how operating expenses impact revenue. Together, these data points help hoteliers make informed business decisions regarding their properties.

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Customer Service in the Hotel Industry: 9 Ways To Improve

Your hotel might have a fancy pool, a well-stocked bar, or an out-of-this-world spa, but you won’t get far without great customer service in the hotel industry. Here are nine ways to improve it at your property.

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The Hotel Concierge: What They Can Do for Your Hotel & Guests

A good hotel concierge is worth their weight in gold because they give your property the chance to go above and beyond for guests. This helps you increase guest loyalty, earn more good reviews, boost your reputation and drive revenue. 

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Four Things To Plan for in Your 2023 Hotel Budget

It’s budget season! And 2023 is turning out to be an especially difficult year to prepare a budget. In this post, we’ll go over four budget items that hotel industry experts strongly suggest every hotelier include in 2023. Each of these are intended to address some of the most important real-world issues that hotels face today. 

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13 Hotel KPIs To Keep an Eye on To Ensure Your Property’s Success

Understanding your current and past performance is key to ensuring your property’s long-term success. Measuring and tracking hotel KPIs is the most straightforward way to do that. 

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